Barcelona, February 21st. In a surprise appearance on the eve of the Mobile World Congress, Facebook founder and tech wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg stood before 5,000 industry professionals at Samsung’s Unpacked event, and revealed the immediate future of connectivity, communication, and content consumption. Promoting Samsung and Facebook’s collaboration on the Gear Virtual Reality headset, he explained the implications that an increase in availability of Virtual Reality technology would have on the way we consume content.

According to the social media icon, the next step comes in the form of 360 immersive video and virtual reality experiences, and it seems that Facebook is prepared for this new frontier. The Samsung Gear VR setup runs on Facebook’s own Oculus software. There are already over 200 VR games and apps available in the Oculus store, and Zuckerberg has assembled a new team at Facebook to build social VR apps.


On the 22nd, Zuckerberg again made headlines. In a Q+A session he spoke about Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project, a collaborative initiative coordinated by some of the biggest players in telecommunications: Nokia, Intel, and Deutsche Telekom. The plan is geared towards upgrading the existing telecom infrastructure to be able to serve the imminent arrival of 5G broadband, projected to be widely available by 2020. 5G will deliver speeds upwards of 50 times faster than 4G, which would allow users to download a two-hour film in 1 second (!!!). Additionally, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has been testing prototypes for their solar powered aircraft, Aquila, which will beam down internet to communities that were, until now, disconnected.

The proliferation of VR software and faster, more accessible internet connections offers up fertile new ground for mobile advertisers. In-app VR video could be a hugely persuasive way to market in the future,and connecting up to two thirds of the earths population means greater penetration and an ever-expanding market for mobile. These developments will have advertisers and publishers scrambling to find new and eye catching ways to publish their offers and increase traffic.

At Mobusi we are commited to providing the most relevant, cutting edge solutions for our clients’ mobile marketing needs. We will be watching closely in order to integrate new technology into our services.