Creating your own app is an amazing feeling but what about when your app starts bringing you in the big bucks?  It can be complicated to create an effective monetization strategy, but once you achieve that, you’ll rapidly see the fruit of your work and can start benefiting from your app.

So how?


There are tonnes of advertising options out there but you must think about which one works best for your app and the goals you have. However, be careful and smart about it, as you want to retain the customers, not drive them away.

Ad Formats

– Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most commonly-used ads. They are small images that are placed on top or at the bottom of the screen. Display Ads are most effective if they fit with the content shown on the page.

-Interstitial / Full-Screen Ads

This type of ad is well received by users because it doesn’t interrupt activity.  Interstitial ads are viewed like breaks between tasks.

– Video Ads

Video ads last between 15 and 30 seconds. Users can opt to view them or the ad may simply appear between activities or levels of a game. Choose what is appropriate for your app, and make sure it suits the content.

– Native Ads

Native ads can be used in all kinds of apps because they are built in such a way that they blend in with the rest of the layout.  Users are extremely receptive towards them since they fit with the look and feel of the app.

– Playable Ads

Playable Ads are the new kid on the block, an exciting and rich format which allows the user to try out the app (usually a game) before playing it.

Ad Formats In-App2. In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases are useful for apps that sell products or services or are mCommerce/Shopping Apps. App purchases can bring in a lot of revenue.

3. Freemiums

This term is a combination between free and premium – downloading the app and using the basic features is free but users will have to pay for more options, like new characters or more lives in a game. So, make sure that the free version is rich and engaging too if you want to convince them it’s worth it to pay more.

4. User Acquisition Campaigns

While advertising in-app is incredibly useful, so too, is advertising it in other places.  CPI (cost per install) advertising, allows you to promote your app in other applications, driving the audience towards it. Since the cost of CPI depends on the number of installations the ad generates, it will be in the ad network’s interest to place your ad where they will be successful—the network only gets paid when someone installs your app.

5. Publishing Partners

Linking with a reputable company who will get your app known or are likely to publish it in a similar environment will help boost your name and be a great source of revenue.  Our expertise in the sector not only makes us the perfect partner but so too, does the amazing publishing options we provide.  Let’s say you have a mobile game you wish to promote.  Our mobile games development company, Lab Cave, means your app can be promoted in context and therefore gains credibility for your game.

6. Optimise your efforts.

It’s much easier to optimise and track your efforts with analytical tools to give you better results and a better ROI. Learn what suits your audience and your margins will increase accordingly.  Our top-range technology allows us to track campaign performance to a T.

7. Be Strategic

Without a monetization strategy, success isn’t likely. App development and monetization must be part of the same plan. Think about who your target audience are and what you want to achieve.  What are your revenue goals? Who do you want to impact?  Do you want to increase your reach within certain demographics?

Our expertise in the field along with our endless publishing options mean we can literally do everything in terms of app monetization!  We’re able to produce amazing results for our clients, hitting their KPIs and targets in their campaigns.  Why not get in touch with us and see how we can make your app hit the charts!