8 Mobile Advertising tips to keep in mind this Autumn!

Autumn is just started and from mobusi, we can help you out to make your mobile ad campaigns as the most successful campaigns! Whether you are a brand, an app developer or e-Commerce, we have got the tips you need to ensure your campaigns get off to a flying start this autumn period.

  • Get on mobile

It may sound obvious but it should be the device you focus on this autumn time. With the sales period, there are millions of users that start to massive shopping through their mobile devices. Mobile usage has been on the rise for years, and time spent on mobile now surpasses time spent on desktop by more than one hour per day. As a result, consumers will be using their mobile devices this summer season to browse and purchase deals more than ever before.

  • Use Programmatic Ads

That sounds great but What is Programmatic Ads? As we explained in our last post, Programmatic Advertising for Dummies, Programmatic Ads is one of the most useful advertising tools in the game. Programmatic Advertising is automated bidding on advertising inventory in real time, showing an ad to a specific customer with specific content. It’s using software to purchase advertising space and It’s a way to target what types of audience you wish to show your advertising to. In short, its computers buying online ad space. Check out our Self-Serve Demand Side Platform, Lazarus DSP, and discover how to buy display impressions across multiple Ad Exchanges in milliseconds!

  • Don’t just go on mobile, go in-app

Once you’ve hit the mobile market, don’t just stop at mobile web: go in-app, since users are spending more time in their apps. What is in-app advertising? Is an app monetization strategy in which publishers or developers get paid by showing ads to the users. In-app ad placements can help ensure that advertisers campaigns reach their ideal audiences with advanced targeting settings.

  • Native Ads

Something that the customers don’t like is intrusive advertising. With Native advertising you can solve it; Native Ads is a smart option for brands hoping to hone in on shoppers with a timely and pertinent message. It allows you fine-tune creatives, zero-in on your target audiences and again, will give customers a feeling that advertising is more personal, and being the ads part of the content.

  • Work on its ASO

If you’ve got an an App, remember it doesn’t just end with putting it on the App store – you have to work on its organic positioning so that it stands out and is noticeable. ASO main goal is the improvement of the Apps’ visibility in an App Stores which will drive more installs.

Some ideas will be either Create an interesting icon related to autumn that will increase the interest of possible users or Add new screenshots of the modified app and create a video to impress your users. Small, simple tips, that it’ll help it stand out from the rest these months.

  • Social Ads

By implementing a Social Ads or campaign on Google or Bing, you are able to target the specific groups and tailor ads to suit the people you want to make an impact on.  Benefits of these ads at Autumn time? Precision, hit the exact customers, easier for customers to buy; they can relate more(since targeting is suited to their likes) and so, conversion rate will be higher.  What’s more, the ads feel more personal in the consumer’s eyes, making them more inclined to convert.

  • Retarget

Maybe your customers visited your page and didn’t put anything in the basket? Maybe you have loyal users who haven’t visited your site this Autumn time yet, or maybe a customer has reached your site and left their shopping basket abandoned?  Retargeting is the solution, it will get those customers back and ensure their sales purchases are completed!

  • Protect against fraud

Fraud in digital advertising has become one of the biggest complications and worries for marketers. What if there was a solution to combatting this type of fraud? To free ourselves of risk from bots and fraudsters and provide clean, high-quality traffic which can easily be studied optimized, to improve overall campaign performance and ultimately increase ROI? To surf the net safely and securely?  Well, you’re in luck.  There is a solution to it all.  At Mobusi, combatting mobile ad fraud is just one of our priorities in our attempt to do so.

So whether you’re an e-Commerce, an app developer or just a brand looking to see sales increase this season, use one of our top tips to help get you started. Better still, since we provide all of these services, we encourage you to get in touch with us, We can help you out to take your sales to the next level!

Increase your sales this Autumn with Mobusi!