Mobusi confirms, love does exist! Or at least people looking for it do. With the proliferance of dating apps and online dating opportunities, we wondered what usage trends would look like for the most romantic weekend of the year. According to Vanity Fair, in 2015, the dating app Tinder experienced a huge jump in usage and successful matches during the weeks leading up to V Day. They found that overall usage increased by 7.6% during the two weeks before the 14th, however, among those who used the app on the 14th, there was a 60% increase in positive matches! We’d take that over a bouquet of roses any day. So we tapped into our analytics to check out what kind of impact the romantic holiday had on dating verticals in 2016.


As expected, we saw some big spikes in activity. Worldwide, revenue from dating verticals increased by 18% from the 11th to the 14th. Curiously, this increase coincided with a massive drop in clicks, meaning that while less people were interested in dating ads, those that were interested were much more likely to convert on Vday than on normal days.

Breaking the data down further we can identify which continents are lovers and which are heart-breakers: Europe and the Middle East were the hot zones for dating verticals, with big leaps in clicks and revenue. Latin America posted increased revenue while dropping significantly in clicks. Africa was decidedly not in the holiday spirit, seeing less clicks and revenue over the weekend. Surprisingly, North America and Asia showed no fluctuation in revenue.

The data shows mixed results, although it’s important to note that several continents which posted overall negative clicks and revenue actually showed a large spike in revenue on Saturday, the day before Valentine’s Day, which could mean that people signed up, got their dates, and spent all day Sunday romancing a special someone. We’d like to think that’s what happened 🙂

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