Mobusi is thrilled to announce the launch of Advertiser Defender, fruit of our last year of work in fraud prevention.

Existing fraud detection tools identify bad traffic after the fact, when payments have already been made. It is difficult to detect, because fraudsters route through  various sources before sending it to your apps. They use bots, false VPNs and various other dirty tricks to fool you. That’s why Advertiser Defender is so revolutionary: it works in real time to avoid fraudulent actions.

Our new product offering will let us nip bad traffic in the bud, identifying and rejecting fake movement  by fraudulent publishers as it happens, in order to save advertiser money. This will result in a cleaner data set, allowing us to make more accurate decisions in terms of optimization and strategy, and ultimately increasing ROI.

promo-defender-02-BAdvertiser Defender rejects traffic coming out of VPN endpoints or data centers that fraudsters use to disguise themselves as users from another country. It analyzes user data in order to deny profiles that repeatedly employ non-native languages in target countries (ie, Thai language speakers in Denmark, etc). The risk of false installations is also mitigated, preventing multiple installs on a single device, and eliminating users with devices that are not allowed to run specific advertisers’ apps.

Advertiser Defender is constantly evolving. We continue to work hard to stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

For more information on Advertiser Defender, contact your Account Manager. If you are an advertiser, and you would like to do business with a more secure, reliable ad network, contact us!

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