Fraud in Digital Advertising has become one of the biggest complications and worries for marketers.  And it’s no surprise taking into consideration that these high figures result in such a big loss of money.  The worst of all is that when we think all is improving and the panorama is getting better, another study pops up that tears these hopes apart.  Yet, no study is able to address the problem head on, nor offers solutions of how to safely and securely surf the net without the possibility of clicking on fraudulent traffic.

A recent study carried out by Aki Kinetic and Marketing Science reveals that 43% of all mobile impressions analysed were fraudulent. The hair-raising results came from a study of 1 billion impressions coming from 1,000 mobile apps. The study also found that 9% of the apps studied caused 52% of total impressions although 66% of them turned out to be fraudulent (fake devices). The remaining 91% of apps caused the remaining 48% of impressions, 18% of which were fraudulent.

Worrying figures indeed.  But, what if there was a solution to combatting this type of fraud? To free ourselves of risk from bots and fraudsters and provide clean, high-quality traffic which can easily be studied optimized, to improve overall campaign performance and ultimately increase ROI? To surf the net safely and securely?  Well, you’re in luck.  Because there is a solution to it all.  At Fibonad, we are intent on leading the global advertising transformation, and combatting mobile ad fraud is just one of our priorities in our attempt to do so.

That’s why mobusi has our own Advertiser Defender, to ensure our clients are only exposed to top-class, real traffic.  The Advertiser Defender allows us to get rid of fake traffic, identifying and rejecting fake movement by fraudulent publishers in real time, saving advertisers money. They are then able to make accurate decisions in terms of optimization and strategy and ultimately increase ROI.

Advertiser Defender rejects traffic coming out of VPN endpoints that fraudsters use to disguise themselves. It analyses user data so that profiles repeatedly employing non-native languages in target countries are denied.  The risk of false installations is also mitigated, preventing multiple installs on a single device, and eliminating users with devices that are not allowed to run specific advertisers’ apps.

Advertiser Defender is constantly evolving and we are continuously working on combatting fraud.  So if you want more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch!