On May 28th, the Hotel W in Barcelona will host Applause – an App Marketing Congress and networking event for companies and people in the sector. mobusi will be making its presence felt as one of the most important ad networks in Europe, and our very own VP of Client Services, Macarena Cenalmor, will be participating in a roundtable discussion about the industry now and in the future. As a lead up to the event, the organizers of Applause sat down with Maca for an informal interview. The original interview in Spanish can be found here. We have translated it into English below. We hope you find it enlightening, and look forward to seeing many of you in Barcelona! 

The importance of the social networks in acquisition strategy.

Gaining new users is one of the principal objectives of app marketing professionals. Mobile ad networks play a significant role in acquisition strategy, along with Google and Facebook.

That’s why today we’re interviewing Macarena Cenalmor, VP of Client Services at mobusi, who will be participating in the roundtable discussion about challenges in the App Marketing sector at Applause.

Macarena has been working in the online industry for over 8 years. She is on the vanguard of the fastest growing area of the digital sector: mobile performance. Over the last three years she has traveled all over the world creating an extensive network of contacts, becoming an easily recognizable figure in mobile marketing and helping mobusi to gain recognition as one of the leading companies in the industry. Macarena is especially interested in client services and is dedicated to uncovering insights about mobile campaigns in order to improve their performance.

Quick Quiz Macarena Cenalmor

Applause: What’s your story, Macarena? Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Macarena: I was born in Seville and hit the ground running; I’ve been traveling all my life. When I was 3 I used to hack my mother’s Tetris to put my name on her high scores. You could say I was born with a computer attached to my arm…

The biggest mistake you made that you learned a lesson from…
Not thinking outside your comfort zone (the famous “outside the box”) often means you aren’t going the extra mile in your work, and consequently, you stop innovating.

If you didn’t work in App Marketing, where would you be working?
For one reason or another, the digital world has been chasing me for the last 10 years. I can’t imagine working in a different industry!

Are you team Apple or Android? What smartphone do you use?
100% Applefan…At home, at work, in my pocket… All the products that I use are Apple made, and the truth is if you were to ask me to unlock an Android device I have to confess I wouldn’t know how.

What app are you most addicted to at the moment?
Right now I don’t think I could live without Snapchat, I love the wave of instantaneous communication and the fact that its content doesn’t last more than 24 hours.

Do you remember the 1st app you ever downloaded?
Probably Whatsapp and Facebook.

How long have you been working in the mobile industry? What’s changed since you first started working in the sector?
I’ve been working in mobile for almost 3 years now. When I joined the industry, everything was so much newer, we prioritized quantity over quality.

What is the most important thing that apps contribute to society?
They make information and communication instantaneous, around the clock.

How do you imagine the app industry in 5-10 years? Where do you see the market headed?
I see a huge potential for evolution in wearable tech, increased consumption through NFC technology, and virtual reality based advertising.

If you were to give one piece of advice to an entrepeneur or brand thinking about launching an app, what would it be?
That they study the market throughly and identify the necessity that their app would be satisfying with their target audience. Many brands want to create apps because it is the “in” thing right now, but it’s important to have a clear final objective for the technology.

post-APPLAUSE-cuerpo (1)
Challenges in the App Marketing sector from mobusi’s point of view.

What role do the mobile ad networks play in app acquisition strategy?
We play a fundamental role in the process, as we contribute a significant portion of (non-organic) traffic. For that reason, it’s very important to have a direct connection with both the client and the publisher to ensure that the brief doesn’t get lost in the translation and all the KPIs are met.

Macarena, the market offers hundreds and hundreds of mobile ad networks with which to promote an app, what does mobusi have to offer that others don’t?
Our network reaches more than 110 million unique users per day worldwide, making us experts in high volume traffic. Our in-house technical department can design fast, customized solutions that help our clients reach their goals. For example, 6 months ago we developed our own postevent measurement tool that allows us to measure all client KPIs in real time.

Facebook and Google are two of the most preferred acquisition channels for app marketers…can you compete with them or do you play in different leagues?
I always use the same example when explaining to a client why they should reallocate Facebook investment to giev it to a company like mobusi: performance networks are another channel, just like the written press, radio, or television. Facebook and Google both have different types of users compared to mobusi. It’s a question of crunching the numbers and knowing how to complement different types of advertising.

What should app developers do if they want to promote themselves through Mobusi? Is it a complicated process?
We can launch a campaign and start sending traffic their way in as little as 30 minutes time from when they first contact us. Our server to server integration is very simple because we are integrated with platforms such as eMMa, Cake, and AppsFlyer. Depending on the type of campaign we might request a prepaid model, which is the only thing that might extend the process.

Is there a lot of CPI variation by type of app and by country?
We divide our traffic into more than 12 verticals, including feminine, sports, kids, games, music, cooking, beauty…and we have a presence in more than 256 countries, so you can imagine the amount of products that we run to monetize those 110 million clicks!

What are the main problems and challenges that the app advertising sector faces? How do you think the industry will evolve in the next 5 years?
From the client side, the challenge is in increasing the quality of users that come from ad networks. For us (agencies), being able to work hand in hand with clients at all times to be able to control the process. The market will cut out the “middlemen” that haven’t differentiated themselves and don’t provide much value to clients. This year, mobusi is putting a lot of thought and effort into video, generating our own traffic through our SDK and compiling data in order to offer even more accurate retargeting.

Would you like to add anything else?
Thank you so much for adding mobusi to this edition of Applause and for promoting these types of events. See you in Barcelona!