How much revenue can really come from having someone with a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram post about your product?  How much influence do these people have on their followers? You would be surprised.  Influencer marketing isn’t something new, but the success it’s had of late is certainly something to talk about.  Influencer marketing is trendy, it is cool and is a form of native, unobtrusive advertising.

It helps you reach the right audience

Beauty bloggers will have followers interested in beauty; gamers will have followers interested in gaming; healthy ‘bloggers will have followers interested in a fit lifestyle… do you see where we are going with this?  Their audiences will be receptive to what they post because they are sharing the right content.  Advertising with influencers means brands hit the audience they want to and will see higher conversion and ROI rates.

The audience trusts them

While you are working tirelessly to create brand awareness, social influencers are busy finding their niche and creating content suited to their audience. Attracting such a massive following requires them to really put in the effort and develop a relationship with each and every one of them and as such, creating trust. Putting your products in the hands of someone trusted by so many will have an immediately positive impact on their followers and as such, increase trust for your brand, too.

Save Yourself Time

Compared to other ways of marketing, influencer platforms save time.  Influencer marketing campaigns basically run themselves. The only thing you as a marketer needs to do is find the influencers (which now has become extremely easy with the help of influencer marketplaces) that suit your campaigns and agree on the content they post, to make sure it suits your brand’s values.  It is the influencer who creates the content, so you are saving yourself bags of time not having to create the message you are transmitting.

It’s Easily Measurable

Almost all social media platforms offer insights into their campaigns and publications. If you want to know the influencer’s performance, just ask them to send the statistics after they have marketed your product and note the results.  As well as this, use a platform you can trust to measure and analyse every process of the campaign.  A platform like Influensi, will give you the results and in-depth analysis you’re looking for.

Amazing ROI

Before we mentioned ROI and here’s why. You are able to benefit from organic content that drives your brand engagement, without creating it yourself. Not only are you saving on cost, but you also generate a return on investment.  It is important to choose influencers who suit your brand’s image and who will speak to your brand’s audience.  Having millions of followers on board can be a powerful selling tool, but only if you are reaching the right market. Therefore, all that exposure is worth the investment in time.

At mobusi, we are able to provide our advertisers with all the solutions using our own influencer marketplaceinfluensi.  We team the perfect influencers up with the perfect advertisers to really make the most out of campaigns, being able to monitor and analyse their results every step of the way.  That is to say, we make sure our influencers are 100% real with their own real followers. Find your perfect partner with us!