When it comes to buying traffic, we often forget about an area that can bring us many benefits – the desktop. Smartphone usage and the mobile device boom has undoubtedly led to priority shifting to this area. However, that doesn’t mean the desktop should be abandoned completely. Even today, it is still extremely relevant when it comes to driving traffic with it actually still being the preferred method for conversion. Despite mobile traffic being on the rise, we mustn’t dismiss the desktop and the benefits it can bring.

Instead of concentrating solely on one or the other, both should be used together to fully take advantage of campaigns thus increasing figures and gaining even more quality.

With the desktop, we are able to reach a wider audience while reducing costs. During a campaign, the conversion rate (CR) doesn’t tend to vary. However, desktop traffic is of a higher quality, having a direct effect on Life Time Value (LTV). Sometimes, it is easier to make mistakes or be re-directed to a different link while using mobile phone devices. As such, customers often prefer to browse on their mobile while completing the purchase from the desktop. In addition, the desktop is more efficient and helps to improve campaign results. By using Pin Submit, quality is improved ensuring there are less cancellations and therefore increases our LTV, which, in turn, leads to higher revenue.

The advantages of desktop traffic are seen in the USA CPL campaign for the iPad Pro. The monthly volume in terms of mobile was 2 million clicks with a CR of 0,56%. Whereas with desktop, 500,000 clicks were made but with a CR of 1,28%. Therefore, although the number of clicks are higher on mobile devices, the CR was higher and demonstrates how desktop traffic is able to boost our campaigns with good leads that will increase the LTV.

Below we show how using both desktop and mobile traffic increases campaign results and improves conversion rate by country.

post-mix-traffic-cuerpo-V1 (1)

As demonstrated, there are some campaigns in which desktop has worked better than mobile: in the Dominican Republic, Chile and Peru. As well as this, we can see how strong the CR in the USA is. However, most importantly the graphic shows how using both forms together boosts campaign results. At mobusi, we have realised this. That is why we have our own PC department.

We talk to Inés Mayor, our PC Team Leader. She has spent a long time working in performance marketing and has been part of our team for two years.

What helps us to create responsive offers?

Although we are aware that mobile traffic is booming, we are still able to gain strong results. We should never forget the traditional desktop method. It is obvious that the more traffic we obtain, the better the results. For that reason, if we do a campaign that includes both mobile and desktop, we are able to increase results which will also have an impact on quality.

Why do we see an improvement in quality increase?

The difference is that in the majority of cases with mobile traffic, the conversion is simply done by the user clicking on the landing page. Yet with desktop, this doesn’t happen. The user who sign up for a campaign do it willingly as they have to give various information about themselves and is therefore conscious of the fact they are signing up to something and wanting to do it.

How do you manage to obtain desktop traffic?

In the PC department at mobusi, obtaining traffic is similar to that of mobile. We have a team of Media Buyers and another of Affiliation, exclusively dedicated to obtaining desktop traffic through different areas. We have decided to separate this department so that it is more specialised in terms of generating not only more traffic but also better results.

How are we able to control traffic campaigns (web or mobile)?

Mobusi has one of the highest volumes of traffic in terms of agencies. In fact, we even have traffic in little-known countries like Kiribati. What we do is organise traffic into different categories so that we are able to strictly follow our partners’ campaign regulations.

When you work with different types of traffic and campaigns, if you really want to be successful, you must be able to match each type of traffic with the campaigns that will have the best performance. Our system is able to make this match while looking for the best performance under a security umbrella of traffic quality and extra segmentation.

Sometimes simplicity works best and we shouldn’t favour mobile instead of the desktop. Instead, we should focus on both together, creating a stronger, more efficient method of driving traffic.

If you are interested in monetizing your traffic or would like more information regarding our offers, contact Inés Mayor at ines.mayor@mobusi.com