As more brands look for ways to target potential customers on the move, SMS is an essential part of effective multi-channel marketing, albeit often overlooked by marketers.  It’s an extremely useful tool at hitting the client directly.  In a world where 99% of people have their phones attached to them 24/7 and where over 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of being received, SMS Marketing is definitely an extremely useful technique to follow when setting up marketing campaigns.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

In this case study, we take a look at how our SMS Marketing division, Instasent, is able to rocket the sales of Madrid store, Skimarket.


Skimarket is a sportswear store in Madrid, dedicated to selling skiing, snowboarding and wakeboarding products.


Skimarket’s goal was to make clients aware of promotions going on in-store throughout the year and as such, increase sales and purchases as well as client interest in the brand.


Skimarket got in touch with Instasent in order to send different messages to their database of users during their various promotional periods of the year. The messages informed clients about the variousIn-store sales and promotions as well encouraging them to visit.


During promotional periods, Skimarket commented the following results:

  • 500% increase in Sales.
  • Sales revenue increase by two-thirds.
  • An increase in client interest and visits to store
  • An increase in personnel to deal with clients around the time of SMS campaigns.

CEO Fernando has reaffirmed this, praising Instasent’s services, stating it as efficient, quick and free of complications. He has quoted SMS as being their best communication method, always opting for Instasent when doing so.  If you’re looking for ways to boost sales and still haven’t got round to checking out SMS Marketing, get in touch with our team at Instasent and we’ll be more than happy to help!