Data is the lifeblood of a successful mobile application. Having a global view of what is going on in your app’s ecosystem, and in the general mobile ecosystem can give you crucial insights as far as acquiring and retaining quality users. A lack of perspective can mean that important nuggets of information slip through the cracks, and with them, opportunities for bigger dividends via revenue and increased usage/better placed ads.

Some developers choose to go the independent route when it comes to data collection, but what they may not know is that partnering with an ad network can greatly increase their scope of vision and hence their installs and in app purchases. Working with an ad network that possesses large databases of user profiles is an extremely important tool for success. It guarantees that your apps and games will be seen by the type of user that enjoys them.

For that reason, mobusi is compiling its own database, based on models called “preference profiles”, that we have observed over previous campaigns. We create these profiles and then amass data on each individual user’s downloads and registrations to get an idea for the type of applications and content they enjoy. This allows us to push potentially interesting campaigns their way, and avoid wasting time by showing them things we know they won’t like.
post-blog-database-cuerpoTo successfully complete a project of this magnitude, it is crucial to have good communication and flow of information between advertisers and mobusi itself, as there is data on each end that the other party often does not have access to. To that end, any data about our campaigns that advertisers collect can be extremely useful when shared, allowing us to optimize on both ends of the transaction. We like to keep an open policy in terms of data shared between the two parties, anything that can help the campaign achieve better results!

Are you interested in learning how a potent database can help achieve your marketing goals and business needs? Interested in collaborating with us? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.