Dmexco is just around the corner and Mobusi is going to be at Booth 8.1 E041!

The meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation takes place in Cologne from the 12nd-13rd September and we want to see you there! Dmexco is the central location for networking, dialog and training in a combined expo and conference.

If you haven’t yet set up a meeting with us, it is the moment. Our team will be there tell you about our solutions to improve your campaigns.

This year mobusi has the focus in our transparency and the best way to fight against ad fraud, our Advertiser Defender.

You may be thinking, how can I ensure that none of this traffic is fraudulent?  Well, fear not – all of this is secured thanks to our anti-fraud system. Our in-house developed Advertiser Defender protects your traffic against bots, fraudsters, VPNs and so much more, ensuring only qualified traffic reaches your campaigns.

Other solution interesting for you is our Acquisition Platform, a Self-Service Ads Platform that allows advertisers to execute Performance campaigns independently and in an effectively way. Using this platform you will know your campaigns performance every moment in real time.

With us, you can buy premium traffic on any model, whether it be desktop or mobile.  We offer advanced targeting options, including geo and city, meaning you can impact the client you want and your campaigns will be even more effective. What’s more, our multitude of interactive ad formats, including video on a CPI basis, means you can choose which format best suits your campaign and goal.

We will tell you all how to get your hands on worldwide, exclusive offers on a CPI, CPA and a CPL basis.

We are lucky enough to have top-class account management in place, as our specialised Account Managers set your needs to whatever you are looking for whether it be CPL, CPI, CPA, Networks or Smart Links.

Not only this but we will tell you all about our customised models to monetise your apps and websites as well as exclusive video campaigns to monetise your traffic. What’s more, we are able to provide In-house mediation technology for in-app inventory, meaning you can easily optimise your campaigns maximising your ROI.

We have a full team going along who will be more than ready to tell you all about our needs and services:

Visit us at Hall 8.1 Booth E041 (take a look to our map) or schedule a meeting with our team!