A  DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a piece of software that has become a key player in the complex environment of online advertising. The platform allows you to serve ads on a whole host of websites and apps in an automated fashion.  DSPs allow us to act upon factors such as location, age and demographics through a mixture of collected information and data. With extensive targeting tools, companies are able to produce highly personalized, effective advertising.

DSPs can be used on both desktop and mobile and therefore, increase creativity. Mobile ads are becoming increasingly more responsive and easier to interact with given the boom in smartphone usage over the past few years. As well as this, with DSPs, users can be impacted upon in-app.


In the RTB  process, a DSP integrates with an ad exchange which then allows access to millions of ad impressions. After this, the process of finding and buying the right ad is completed in literally milliseconds.

In the past, this process would have taken a significant amount of time, requiring manual labour, for something that would probably result in a loss of revenue and efficiency.

As well as quick speed, another advantage of using DSPs is that they allow for instructions to be added before the RTB process takes place.  This way, they prevent adverts from being shown on websites one may consider irrelevant or detrimental.

So why are they so beneficial?

1. Improved Targeting

Lazarus DSP allows us to target the right people for the ad, wherever and whenever we want.  Allows us to target based on co-ordinates and impact users by geolocalisation, as well as separating targeting settings into Operating System, Device, Carrier, IP,  Mobile Web and Desktop.

This means you can advertise more effectively to achieve higher-qualified leads, which in turn increases ROI and the conversion rate.

2. Bid in Real-Time

DSPs are connected to the biggest SSPs in the market which helps advertisers manage their inventory.   That way, ads will be displayed in the places best suited to your campaigns. We just happen to be partnered with the biggest ad exchanges in the market, meaning that campaigns get to exactly where we want them to.

3. Analysis

After campaign set-up, reviewing progress is simple and easy, thanks to the insights a DSP offers.  They allow us to view, for example, the volume, average price and click-through rate of bids and campaigns.  All this info is produced in real time, meaning campaign progress is super easy to manage and be capitalized upon for the following campaign.

Have we convinced you yet?

Lazarus DSP, our own DSP, allows us to storm ahead in the RTB process and boost our clients’ goals.  We create highly personalized and effective mobile advertising, which in turn, leads to powerful advertising ROI.

Want to find out more about DSPs and how they can work wonders for your own advertising campaigns?  We are more than happy to help.  Get in touch with us now!