The Asian market has hypnotized everyone to its full extent during the last few years. Nowadays, the Asian market power is unquestionable.

But, what is going on in Europe? 

Every day, millions of people in the EU and the World turn on their devices to find entertainment and challenge their friends by playing with them on their mobiles. Most of the games they play are games made by European developers, who have emerged as world leaders in the industry.  


European companies have developed apps that have gained worldwide popularity and generated billions of dollars in revenues. The success of European apps is even more pronounced in the gaming industry, where companies such as King (UK), Supercell (Finland), Wooga (Germany) and Gameloft (France) are world leaders. 

European developers have established themselves as leaders in the global app economy. Of the top 10 apps in the iOS app store, six were made by companies in Europe. Mobile games are popular among Europeans.

According to Deloitte’s game mobile report, there are more than 21m players of mobile games in France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. Together it is estimated that it supports 21,000 full-time jobs.

The reach of the app stores have allowed European companies to have success in the United States, China and Japan, the three markets that generate the highest app revenues. European mobile game developers generated over 35% of their revenues outside of the EU-28.

The mobile games industry is still young; its impact already extends beyond game development and has an effect in companies and workers in other creative industries. This benefits the European digital economy. Furthermore, industry forecasts suggest mobile games will grow at an annual rate of more than 10% until, at least, 2017. The European mobile games industry represents a success story for digital development and it is expected to continue to deliver positive business impacts into Europe.