Black Friday – officially the start of the shopping season, where thousands of consumers take out their wallets to shop for holiday gifts, where hundreds of stores have their biggest SALE of the year!

However, where does Black Friday come from and why is it called like that?

During the Great Depression in the US, where the stock market showed considerable losses, retailers used the Friday after Thanksgiving to compensate the damage this had left. It is said that they went from red numbers (which signified losses) to black numbers (which signified positive numbers). Now, nearly 90 years later this tradition still stands, and it has spread all around the world.

Why should companies take advantage of Black Friday?

Nowadays almost all Black Friday items and services are online, and consumers can shop from the comfort of their homes. This is why all retailers should consider making a Black Friday digital marketing strategy in order to rise their numbers from black to blacker!

Consider the following ideas:

  1. Spend more money on advertising

The holiday season is the time of the year where most companies rise their marketing efforts in order to increase sales. According to The Balance, around 20% of the annual sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. Increasing your marketing budget during this season, especially for days like Black Friday, will surely expand your revenue too.

  1. Use email and SMS Marketing:

This is the time to take advantage of your email and phone number list! Contact all your former customers and let them know how you are participating in Black Friday. Make sure you show clickable pictures of the products that are on sale, choose a catchy email subject and a memorable SMS message that will motivate customers to open it, but most importantly, to act on it.

  1. Boost your sales using influencers on Social Media

A recent study informed that there are more than 3.5 million Black Friday mentions on social media every year, which is A LOT of online shoppers that you do not want to ignore! Try to stay active on social media during this time, use influencer marketing to make your followers interact with your brand and make them feel more related to it. Using INFLUENSI, you can find the perfect influencers for your brand and boost your sales this Black Friday!

  1. Offer a Sneak Peek of your offers

Create expectancy by providing sneak peeks every now and then before Black Friday comes. Invest in branding to create awareness, and use video to create an even bigger impact. However, make sure that you save some surprises for the actual day!

  1. Use Native Advertising

During days like Black Friday, the amount of advertising can be overwhelming for the user. Native Advertising, which resembles the form and function of the publication’s editorial content, can be a means of promoting your company’s sales without seeming too intrusive.

At MOBUSI we can give you a hand in finding and launching the appropriate strategy to boost your e-commerce’s revenue!

Follow this 5 tips and you will be ready to rock this Black Friday 2018!

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