The world of e-commerce has no doubt flourished in recent years, with 93% of online stores now expecting to see a huge growth in the year of 2017. Online shopping has by in large replaced the act of physical shopping.  Not only this, the device of choice when purchasing online has shifted in just a few years.  Now, our preferred method is mobile, as opposed to desktop.

We’ve become a nation of people constantly connected to the world online, whether it be via mobile, tablet or web.  This activity has led to online stores growing ten folds and popping up everywhere.  Before, there were maybe only a handful of e-commerce sites available to users but now, the competition is fierce, meaning e-commerce businesses have to fight it out to get the best results.

So, how is one e-commerce able to compete against the other? How can online stores create and boost their sales?

  1.  Create a Mobile App
    It’s undeniable that every successful e-commerce is boosted by their own app.  The mobile economy is booming and using an app to complement an e-commerce only makes the purchase process much easier.  They also make payments safer, faster and easier, with a whopping 78% of users preferring to shop in-app.  Our app creating platform, Upplication, has helped numerous e-commerce increase their sales and reach by helping them create their own app.
  2. Use Influencers on Social Media
    Influencer marketing has triumphed in the past year and is expected to take off even further. In 2016, 86% of marketers were said to have used the tactic, 94% of whom found it effective. Nowadays, we’re not just glued to our smartphones, but more so, to our social networks.  As the use of these platforms grows, so too, does the number of influencers advertising products, brands and a whole range of campaigns.  Using influencers to promote store products is an excellent way of driving traffic and hitting the users you believe will enjoy your products. Our influencer platform, influensi, creates a match made in heaven for influencers and advertisers, enabling both the brand and the influencer to keep their audience happy and convert effectively.
    Four Easy Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce!
  3. Attract using Qualified and High-quality advertising
    Advertising unintrusively with top quality creativities will undoubtedly lead to proper, qualified users who are more likely to convert and display a real interest in your e-commerce.  Whether it be video ads, native or even traditional banners, at mobusi, we ensure that only qualified, top-class traffic reaches your site, leading to incredible conversion rates and loyal customers who keep coming back for more!
  4. SMS Campaigns
    Using SMS, means your message goes straight to the clients.  You can direct them from the initial process to the end.   We’re constantly connected to our phones, with a study showing that 98% of texts are read when received.  Using SMS Marketing in an e-commerce campaign means you can send direct links to your web page, confirm payment and manage the process.  You can reinforce your control by sending personalised offers and discounts, thus encouraging the customers to purchase and convert. Our SMS Marketing Division, Instasent are leaders in the SMS marketing world.

So there you have it, if you’re looking to boost your e-commerce, you’ve got four easy ways of increasing sales and driving traffic at your disposal!  Luckily enough, we’re able to offer all these services to our users. Get in touch and we’ll be sure to get the traffic speeding to your e-commerce so you can start reaping the benefits!

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