After starting the new GDPR Era, companies as Google are struggling with this new regulation and many people are wondering how the GDPR could affect Programmatic Advertising.

According  GDPR, users must give their consent for data processing and brands need to clearly indicate what is purpose the data collection. Therefore, advertisers must obtain explicit consent for each use of data separately.

GDPR brings positive things

The new GDPR brings challenges for many, and that is why it is time to act and consider the positive aspects that the new regulations bring us.

Adapting to the new GDPR is the way to gain the trust of the clients and increase the quality of the data (those who give their consent affirm that they understand and agree with the value proposition). It also positions the brand as credible, guides advertisers to focus on more specific segments of customers and it contributes that advertising will be more transparent and effective.

On the other hand, advertisers will have greater confidence in the quality of the campaigns, since the possible risk of advertisers regarding the visibility of the ads and fraudulent traffic disappears, having a higher traffic quality.

The new GDPR will improve the efficiency of advertising by filtering fraudulent publishers. Both advertisers and publishers should learn the new media buying rules and focus on satisfying the needs of their audience.

In addition, this change will make creativity as the key for being successful with consumers and also means that advertisers and publishers will need to focus on engagement over impressions.

What does Mobusi offer?

Mobusi has been able to adapt to the changing and we have launched  Lazarus DSP, a Programmatic buying Self-Serve platform that uses real-time bidding, offering to our Advertisers the most effective way to obtain new clients.

Lazarus DSP allows you to buy display impressions across multiple Ad Exchanges in milliseconds, with Data transparency, Measure conversions, and has a powerful Algorithm that allows Automatic Optimization.

With Lazarus DSP, advertisers are able to eliminate fraudulent traffic thanks to our anti-fraud system and obtain a higher traffic quality.

We highly recommend to test your Branding Campaigns on brandformance basis (Performance goal). Try Lazarus DSP today and start improving your results by hitting your target audience!