Good news! Mobusi will be visiting Malaysia. Our team will be looking for alliances to continue at the top of the worldwide mobile advertising business.

More than three in ten smartphone users in Malaysia use their devices as their only access to the Internet.

On Device Research has recently published an interesting report: Mobile Malaysia: ahead of the pack. The report helps us  understand the mobile landscape in Malaysia, especially the smartphone trend.

Malaysia is situated better in the mobile landscape compared to most Southeast Asian countries, and even Europe.


The 2015 Consumer Barometer noted that some 35% of smartphone users in Malaysia exclusively depend on their smartphones to surf the internet and use their apps. Futhermore,  one in every two adults in Malaysia are smartphone users according to a Google study.

Malaysia is one of the five territories in Asia (with Singapore, Hong Kong, China and South Korea) where smartphones are used as the primary device for accessing the Internet.

Malaysians love the Internet and their smartphones and this is what sets it in the top of mobile landscape.

For all these reasons, Malaysia is a key country for us.  That’s why Mobusi’s team is traveling there from Spain from the 13th till 20th of February. The growth in performance traffic volumes over the last months in Malaysia is forcing us to continue developing even more this market reinforcing and setting up new alliances around the mobile advertising business.