India is a unique market in the performance marketing world, and at mobusi, we have been a part of it since the beginning.  According to eMarketer, advertisers in India are projected to spend $1.32 billion on mobile ad placements by 2019, which will account for the majority of all digital ad spending (60.9%) and 15.5% of total media advertising in India.  As well as this, the Affiliate Marketing world is about to take off even more in India, with growth expected to spurt thanks to the increase in digital marketing spends, new industries using affiliate marketing as well as an improved ecosystem for affiliate marketing on mobile platforms.

Why India?

  • Leading key trends: When it comes to performance marketing, India is an international leader, whether it be commanding programmatic, remarketing, or driving installs with strong KPIs.
  • Mobile-first: The use of smartphones in India has blown up – it now has 1 billion mobile users, has seen a huge increase in smartphone sales, and sees about 10% of total app installs around the world.
  • Business is thriving: In 2016, Indian startups saw $4 billion of funding spread across 1,000+ deals.  There is a lot of action going on there.
  • A wide adtech ecosystem: India has a plethora of intellectual capacity and resources. There is a huge influx of talent built a massive base of employees who have worked on platforms and technologies outside of India who have returned with such knowledge that can be applied to performance marketing.
  • A competitive market: There is a vast, robust advertiser mix and teams that understand and excel at performance marketing in India.  this along with their entrepreneurial spirit.

Performance Marketing India
So to stand out in an already-thriving competitive market, what should one do to guarantee results?

To stand out to Advertisers:

Think about:

-Differing from competitors
-Interesting insights
-Analytics and data suited to clients’ campaigns
-The offer of greater transparency

To stand out to Publishers:

Think about:

-Sharing all-important KPI client data so they can optimize
-Offering various ways of integrating
-Succeeding in India

At the end of the day, India is an amazing and diverse market and the constant change makes for a really exciting story for those who are out there to attain success in the field of performance marketing.

Mobusi operates in India and has done so for some time.  Interested in upping your performance game out there? Want the best campaigns and to take advantage of this ever-flourishing market? Get in touch with our team at mobusi and we will show you how!