Israel’s presence in the online ad world has been steadily growing over the last few years, bolstered by several successful startups and a culture that foments technology and cyber security innovation. This makes it an attractive place to network and learn, which is just what we have in mind for the 2016 edition of the Israel Mobile Summit. Mobusi will be sending a considerably large delegation to the event, with the objective to reunite with existing partners, meet new potential partners, and continue to share and receive knowledge with the sector. Summit attendees include Head of Mobile Business Abraham Yela, VP of Client Services Macarena Cenalmor, Account Director Mercedes Salguero, Account Manager Sofia Jara, and Affiliate Managers Ana Villacañas and Laura Cámara.

Additionally, Macarena Cenalmor will be featured as one of the main speakers at the event, sitting on a panel set to discuss user acquisition trends and real performance marketing. The event description is as follows:

“User Acquisition Trends & Real Performance Marketing”

If you have $$, getting users is easy. But getting the users that you want, and making sure they stay, that’s a different story. Advertisers these days require more KPIs and want to pay only for true conversion. Is the world shifting to CPA? Or is CPI is still here to stay? And what are other trends we’re expected to see in user acquisition in this coming year?

Continue reading for a sneak peek at what attendees can expect from the summit and from the panel discussion:

What are you most excited about returning to the Israel Mobile Summit this year?

Maca: It’s always exciting to come to a city that treats you so well, all our clients and partners take care of us amazingly (going out for dinner, parties, lunch… and of course visiting all their offices). Coming every 6 months really helps us solidify our business relationships, and improve our numbers. Enjoying this fantastic city is the icing on the cake. What else can we ask for!?

What are mobusi’s goals for the event?

We will be meeting face to face with all our Israeli partners, who are very important to mobusi on both the supply and the demand sides of the business. We have more than 50 meetings planned in 4 days… our main goal is to survive the madness! 😉

What do you expect the hot topics to be at this edition of the Israel Mobile Summit?

Well, there are going to be super interesting panels during the entire session. Video will be a star in Tel Aviv, but in my opinion, programmatic and anti-fraud solutions are going to be the main topics this year.

We all know the mobile sector is constantly evolving, with technological innovation changing the the way that we are able to market and reach users. What is mobusi doing right now that is changing the game?

mobusi tries to be on the top of new trends, and we have an important advantage as we have our in-house tech team, working hard to do whatever we need to keep the lead position. This year, working on recovering data (yeah, this famous BIG DATA) to help advertisers go further with their goals is going to be our must on. And premium video inventory, absolutely.
So tell us, is the world shifting to CPA? 

You’ll have to come to the conference to find out! 😉