The past few weeks have been big for Mobusi. We released our new Advertiser Defender tool, set up shop at the Mobile World Congress, and now Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia chose to interview our CEO Alberto Cenalmor! Read on to find out a little more about the inner workings of the company. Below find the translated article, or click here for the original version.

It is officially the most technological week of the year. The celebration of the Mobile World Congress brings together the creme de la creme of mobile technology. In this interiew we’re going to talk with Alberto Cenalmor, CEO of Mobusi, a company specialized in mobile advertising.

La Vanguardia:
What is Mobusi’s mission in the mobile universe and why should it interest advertisers and webmasters?

Mobusi is the largest performance mobile advertising network in all of Spain, and one of the biggest in Europe. Outside of Spain, we have offices in, Mexico, India, Singapore, and will soon be in the US as well. With the help of 160 employees from all over the globe, we develop our own analytics software, in order to offer maximum profitability to advertisers in their campaigns, and to webmasters for their traffic.

We give advertisers worldwide coverage with a results-based pay model, working to boost app installations, service subscriptions, user registrations, or clicks. At the same time, we have an excellent customer service team that works daily to optimize campaigns and achieve client goals. We have a great deal of experience in getting results for app developers, mobile content providers and large consumer brands. Our ability to segment by country, province, city, operating system, device, and ad format allow us to maximize our clients’ marketing budgets.

We offer webmasters great monetization for their mobile ad space. Our complex analytic system takes user behavior into account in order to push campaigns to the users that we know will perform best. This makes traffic profitable on a global scale, helping webmasters (who often only work in a specific country),  get the most out of each country where traffic is generated. As a digitally native company, we have various formats at our disposal, optimized for a wide array of devices.

lavanguardia-entrevista-alberto-cenalmor-mobusiWhat kind of numbers is Mobusi moving right now?

Right now we are generating 110 million clicks daily, which lead to more than 500,000 sales. 60% of Mobusi’s traffic comes from direct publishers, and the rest is divided up between our RTB, Media Buying, and Affliliate departments. We work with more than 2,000 advertisers and more than 20,000 traffic providers.

And we’re talking about worldwide campaigns?

We have traffic from all over the world, even extremely remote places like Antarctica! Our clients often request traffic from a number of countries and we are more than capable of meeting their expectations.

How does Mobusi measure the effectiveness of its actions?

Being completely integrated with our clients allows us to check the performance of every user connected to our network, in every campaign, step by step through the entire process. Mobusi only gets paid if we get the results our clients are looking for, and that guarantees that advertisers only pay if we do our job right. This ability to monitor our progress allows us to make each and every impression more profitable, giving our advertisers quality results.”