mobusi are currently attending GMIC Bangalore, a part of the leading mobile conference globally.  It is back in India for the third year and sees industry leaders come together to discuss the future of the mobile revolution and the development of one of India’s growing sectors.  GMIC holds events all across the world, shedding light on the changes of the ever-growing mobile industry we are currently living through. Being part of one of the leading companies in the mobile sector, mobusi today had the pleasure of being included on the guest panel, in order to educate and give insight on the ins and outs of the mobile world.  Our very own VP of Client Services, Macarena Cenalmor, was repping mobusi on the panel today, as she shared her knowledge on how to monetize the new mobile lifestyle.  The chat focused on how users buy within lifestyle apps and what it is that influences them.


Macarena is more than qualified to give her input on the subject.  With more than eight years experience working in the online sector, she’s been travelling around the world for three years, creating a wide range of contacts, making herself a well-recognised and esteemed figure in mobile marketing.  She helps mobusi to be renowned as one of the leading companies in the sector, taking a special interest in client services and is dedicated to discovering mobile campaign insights so as to better her own performance and efficiency.  She joined the stage with a host of well-respected figures from the sector.  


Aside from the panel, Maca is joining up with two members of our Indian team, Vijay Singh and Abhishek Kapadia, at the two day event, meeting up with other companies and partners in the industry.

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The team are currently on-hand to talk about the best solutions available for reaching advertising goals, discussing not only the best ways to monetize your apps but also how to increase user engagement and all you need to know about KPIs.

The mobusi team at our GMIC booth D5; Vijay Singh, Macarena Cenalmor and Abhishek Kapadia

 So if you’re about GMIC, come visit our booth at D5!