Video is one of the highest revenue generating units in mobile advertising and at mobusi, we are seeing impressive conversion rates and engaged users coming from them. For app developers and marketers, thinking about how to integrate video as a way to advertise their app can pose a bit of a headache. How can they be optimized and controlled, to create the ultimate experience for users, without spending a huge amount of time?  One solution is using a mediation tool.

Before the existence of mediation technology, arranging performance data across various ad networks was rather difficult. This was mainly down to the discrepancy in how performance was measured, time invested dealing with different networks, dashboards and reports. What was required was a stable marketplace to buy and sell advertising.

A mediation tool provides an end to these worries, making for an easier way track performance across a myriad of partners. It allows us to introduce benchmarks and standards, for example, attribution, viewability, expenditure and formats.
With proper specifications and standards, this ad expenditure can be easily calculated, well-spent and measured, allowing for effective optimization and a sky-rocketing ROI.

Needless to say, what we want is for ads to perform well. Matching the right audience with the right ad request leads to improved engagement and completion rates for the advertiser. Spending some time to find the right placements through audience segmentation, A/B testing of creatives, formats and scheduling delivery can do wonders.

Mediation technology also allows for peace of mind when it comes to buying. Ad requests are offered to a global supply; mobile advertisers can rest assure that each ad served has the highest chance of finding the most relevant impression at the lowest possible cost.

Running campaigns with a company that offers a mediation tool is a much better and smarter investment than running independently. At mobusi, with our mediation technology, we are able to save time and produce higher volume. Measuring with us means that results can be compared instantly across premium ad networks allowing the chance to optimize campaigns and thus ultimately leading to a better ROI. Moreover, installs and in-app events are always measured by a media agnostic 3rd party app tracking service. Which ensures the accuracy of the results achieved.

Our expertise in video along with our mediation technology allows us to work with many clients, who, not only witness campaigns reaching that next level, but also obtain higher ROIs as well as qualified and engaged users. It’s not only about app downloads but also in-app engagements.

Take a look at a few of our case studies below.

In the Entertainment category, we had a request to increase engaged app installs. We ran the same campaign in Spain and Mexico, using video formats to generate conversions on a CPI basis.

Mobusi Mediation Tool

The campaigns are still active, thus showing how our skills at using CPI along with our mediation technology, means our partners are able to confide in us. What’s more, including in-app events in campaigns means we’re able to increase engagement with partners’ apps.  On this occasion, the KPI was registrations which was met by 22% of users reach in Spain and 24% in Mexico.

Not only this but we also ran a comparison trial, in which we promoted the same campaign, but in two different verticals: TV and Games.

TV versus Games vertical

In one example of using the exact same campaign, in TV we reached 45,000 installs whereas in Games, despite targeting the same audience, 10,000 users were reached.
In another, we reached 3,000 installs in a TV campaign and 1,500 in Games in one month. Showcasing again that segmentation, targeting and optimizing  the right partners does make a difference in results.

Mobusi CPI Campaigns

Within these campaigns, we were also able to witness how many users watched the video on Day 1.  In Campaign One: 34% of users in the TV campaign compared to 23% in Games Vertical watched the video. In Campaign 2, 37% of users in the TV vertical watched the video compared to 22% in Games.  With these results, we were able to look at the campaigns as a whole and deduct that some types of ads are better suited to certain verticals and specially formats. Our technology permits us to optimize upon this and not waste advertiser’s time or money on the wrong type of campaigns. Testing is important, but at mobusi, we get paid by results. We no longer measure the success of a campaign by the number of installs but we focus instead on engagements achieved.

If you’ve got an app and are interested in seeing your profits and revenue grow, why not get in touch? Our expertise in the field as well as our advanced technology means we’ll more than meet your goals. Don’t stay behind the crowd, get in touch with us!