This week at our HQ in Madrid, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming our new General Manager LATAM, Rafael Valverde from Mexico City.

We are absolutely delighted that Rafael has joined our team given his impeccable resume and work ethic. His innovative thinking and impressive background is bound to shake things up in our Latin American office.  We cannot wait to see the changes he will bring.
So, keen to know a little bit more about our General Manager LATAM?

Our new recruit has worked tirelessly to build up his colossal CV and work experience coming from a rather humble background, being awarded scholarships through his education – something of which he is very grateful for.  This enabled him to go on to study IT engineering at Anáhuac University, specialising in Network and Telecoms. While finishing his specialisation, he had the opportunity to study in Madrid.   In addition, he holds a postgraduate degree in S.M.A.R.T (Sales and Commercialisation for the TELECOM sector) from ISEC Business University, being the youngest participant in the programme since its opening.

His work history is rather extensive, seeing him flourish in a number of managerial and directorial positions for many prestigious companies such as Quorum, iPaphone, mCentric, Velti, Airpush, Iusacell and Merka before being snapped up by our headhunters.
Despite studying IT engineering, Rafa saw himself developing into more sales orientated roles throughout his career given the knack he had for it, down to his charismatic personality. Our new General Manager LATAM  is extremely versatile and a real down to earth character.

This week, we caught up with Rafa to get to know a bit more about him and how he sees the future with mobusi.

What made you want to work with mobusi?
First of all, I was attracted to how mobusi is situated in the market. It is a well-known brand with an excellent reputation. As well as this, it’s a company that strives to go that step further, the people who work here are extremely dynamic and committed. Not to mention that it is one of the top companies in this industry. I also like the fact that the clients are able to grow with the company. All in all, it’s a great company to work for with great prospects.  When I was first contacted by mobusi, I didn’t think twice and am very pleased with my decision.

Do you see mobusi developing not only within Mexico but also in Latin America?
Yes, I definitely do – we already have plans to expand; we are hoping to grow our New Business department and expand operations in the Mexico City office as well as in the whole of Latin America.

You mentioned you had plans to expand in Mexico, what do you have in store for the office out there?
Despite not yet being here a month, I’m already hoping to freshen things up and strengthen our team. For example, at the moment, I have a team of 14, of which I am planning on expanding this year, with further projections for 2017 as well. As mentioned, I plan to concentrate on New Business, focusing on CPI traffic, really amplifying this aspect of the company.

How is the Latin American market at the moment?  In what way is there room for development?
Right now, there is a lot of opportunity in the whole of Latin America, there are lots of emerging markets. Each day, smartphone usage is increasing and as a performance agency, this is something we hope to captivate on. For example, in Mexico and Brazil alone, there are 100 million smartphones users. In addition to this, countries like Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru stand out in terms of mobile phone use and are areas we could really concentrate on. As well as this, this year Mexico has ranked above average in terms of purchasing mobiles and iOS use. The market is booming here and I am extremely confident that we can make an impact.

As Rafael heads back to Mexico, he will be joined by our VP of Client Services, Macarena Cenalmor, who will be taking the opportunity to visit our facilities and potential clients. If you are interested in what mobusi has to offer and would like to get in touch with Macarena while she is in Mexico, please get in contact at