Mobusi is vying for world domination, continent by continent. Given our current success rate in the US, we’ve decided to up our presence stateside by opening a brand new office in LA! We want to give our numerous clients a better chance to connect with us and strive to improve their performance goals. We’re extremely interested in nourishing our current relationships with our US clients as well as getting bigger and better.

Beginning as a performance company, we now explore many different realms of the market. For example, we have solidified our extremely successful video campaigns, use 100% our own technology as well as strengthening our own DSP. We are an organisation who really offer clients the full package, using all pricing models to operate throughout departments like Affiliation, Publishers, RTB and Mediabuying. Running 14,000 campaigns worldwide, generating 140 million clicks per day and 1 million conversions; mobusi are one of the leading companies on the world stage.

This week, to get a further insight into mobusi’s development and prospects in the US, we speak to our new US&CA Director, Enric Pedró.

Enric hails from Barcelona and bolsters a very impressive CV, having spent time in both London and New York before beginning to work with mobusi. He is a master at working the mobile market and we are ecstatic to have him as part of our team and excited to see the changes he will bring to our company. Enric will be taking charge of our LA office. He has been working with mobusi since May as International Business Development Director in which he assisted mobusi with global market expansions; contacting international clients, as well as overseeing and assisting the set-up of local offices. We can condifently say we are leaving our LA office in safe hands.

Enric, what made you first want to work for mobusi?

Throughout my career, I’ve always worked in the mobile industry and as such, always travelled to various events throughout Europe related to mobile advertising. I was always seeing mobusi at events and was aware of the company for many years. I always had the pleasure of bumping into Macarena (Cenalmor) and speaking to her. The first time I heard of mobusi, they had maybe 13 employees. Before I knew it, when I next saw the company, they had around about 180 employees and were absolutely thriving. I couldn’t believe it and was desperate to know their secret. I was working in New York when I was contacted by them, telling me about their plans for expanding and the prospect of opening an office in the States, so, I absolutely jumped on board. How could I not, given the success they’ve had in Europe, Asia and Latin America? All in all, I can say I’m ecstatic to be working for mobusi and really looking forward to the challenge ahead!

You talked about the new LA office, how do you see that panning out?

We plan on aggressively expanding as quickly as we can – we’ve more or less just opened our office there and there are currently four employees. We have 2 Senior Account Managers, one Account Manager and obviously I’ll be leading the office. Macarena, although working with mobusi on a more global scale, is giving us a real helping hand, of which I am extremely grateful.  This year, we’re planning on increasing even more, having someone in charge of traffic and looking to the possibility of developing a sales or a controller role. Our options are open but we are intent on expanding and growing the mobusi brand. We already offer all pricing models but we’re particularly interested on perfecting CPI and becoming leaders in this sector.

With these plans, how do you see mobusi developing given the competitive nature of the US market?

For me, the USA is like the “Champions League” of the mobile market, its a completely different ball game to the European market. In the US, we’re looking to explore a different sort of area and developing ourselves more as a mobile agency. Given that we already have a strong base in the States, we believe we will be more than capable of doing so. We want to provide this sort of agency service as we want to be with the customer every step of the way. Currently, we have an amazing relationship with our clients stateside and are intent on nourishing these partnerships as well as going that one step further and reaching out to the big players in the market. In addition to this, we plan on changing things up a little – we feel that now there’s a need for user engagement, we need to go beyond the banner and video unit and instead start developing more interactive ads to really connect with the user. Our idea is that in the end, we will become a completely independent company in the USA, not relying on our Spanish team.

How do you see mobusi developing in general?

I believe we’ll become even better and stronger. If mobusi have managed to build their workforce and business like they have in just 5 years, it will be amazing to see what lies ahead. I see us becoming a completely global mobile agency, getting our footprint in regions we’re not yet known. Its extremely impressive to see how far we’ve already come. This type of market tends to be led by companies from Israel, China, USA etc so it’s extremely encouraging and rather impressive that a Spanish company is becoming a company of reference in the mobile space.

We are extremely excited to see what will unfold as mobusi develops even further stateside and reaches the next level! If you’re interested in getting more info about our LA office or any job opportunities within mobusi LA, get in contact with Enric at