You might think that after an intense week in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress that we could use a break. You’d be wrong about that, because at Mobusi, we’re always on the move. This past weekend we sent two members of our team to Amman, Jordan to meet with potential partners in the region. After carrying out an intensive market study, they connected with Nour Khrais, founder and CEO of Maysalward, the first mobile games develoment company in the Middle East, and creators of some of the most popular mobile games in the area. Through him we were able to link up with Jordan’s community of app developers, lead by Gaming Labs, a development collective focused on creating new innovative games and apps. It was in Gaming Labs’ Amman headquarters that Victor and Javier led a mobile gaming workshop focused on app promotion and monetization strategy, as well as an orientation on who’s who in the app commands the room.

The workshop was well attended by people from all over the sector: Junior developers looking to get started, Senior developers looking to optimize their existing monetization strategies, Publishers, and more. Our Mobusi ambassadors represented well, answering questions about how different traffic types affect App Store ranking, and how to move up in the ranks quickly.
post-workshop-jordan-cuerpo-02Javi Huertas droppin’ science.

Mobusi is now officially on the radar in Jordan, and we leave with new contacts and potential clients in the region. Stay tuned to find out about our future travels!

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