There’s a debate in the industry regarding incent traffic. When deciding what kind of traffic you want to generate to your app, you must first know what you want from this campaign.

First time you propose a client to run a campaign on incent traffic, they are quite reluctant to accept it. This is due to their unknowledge on this area, so first of all, let’s define what incent traffic is: an incentivised install is an install where users are engaged with some kind of reward, generally coins for a certain app they use.

You may ask which are the pros or the cons of running an incent campaign; so let’s get them listed.


1. High position rising in the stores ranking:
Incent campaigns allows scaling an app in the store ranking faster than a non incent campaign. This is due to the huge amount of installs they can deliver into an app in a small period of time.

2. Cost-effectiveness:
Incent installs have a lower cost than non incent ones, for both Android and iOS. The conversion rate of an incent campaign is always higher than a non incent one, as the user downloads it in order to get a benefit.

3. Higher possibilities to attract new users:
As more people gets the app downloaded, there are more chances to engage new users.
Experts says that for the first 60 days of life of your app, an incent campaign is the most accurate decision, as it will give you visibility into the store, and will help you to get organic installs.


1. Shorter lifetime of the user:
Normally, the incentivized user won’t use the app for a long period of time, downloading it and having it uninstalled quickly.

2. Harder maintenance of a high position on the store:
Once you’ve done an incent campaign and raised into the store positions, maintaining that position is quite a hard job, so you should do a maintenance campaign.

Here, in Mobusi we recommend an incent campaign for the first period of your apps lifetime, and then, having a mix between an incent and non incent campaigns as a maintenance.

What do you think about it?

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