Almost all mobile ad agencies have an accounts team – a liason between clients and the agency itself, who manages the relationship and needs of both parties. Not all accounts departments are created equal, however, and there’s no better example of that than mobusi’s team.

Our Madrid accounts team, headed by newly appointed leader Mercedes Salguero, is a well-oiled machine. At a macro level, their responsibilities include managing the day-to-day relationship with all mobusi clients, but the way that we break it down is what marks the difference between us and the competition.

New clients pass through several filters in order to determine the best solution to their business needs. First through new business, and then into the hands of one of our accounts team: a large, diverse group of professionals, each specialized in a particular performance model (CPI, CPA, CPL). Team members are specifically trained to monitor PostEvents (user monitoring post-installation/download).

More than simple middle men, our account managers analyze offers and campaign success daily, first in determining where and how a client can achieve the greatest success, later monitoring/reevaluating, all with the end goal of squeezing maximum value out of each and every campaign. They work in close coordination with our traffic team in order to identify the traffic sources that best convert for each campaign, meaning your campaign is being constantly optimized for results.
When it comes to optimization, having a wide pool of traffic to pull from is indispensable, and our  volume of traffic is a huge competitive advantage. With around 150 million daily impressions we are one of the most far reaching European ad networks. Many agencies only cover the “big” markets, passing on valuable opportunities on smaller geos. We see the value and the need for small market coverage, both on the user end and the developer end. That’s why we cover 250 geos all over the world – we can run a campaign almost anywhere.

Our localized offices assure that each time zone has dedicated coverage – Spain (Europe, Middle East, Africa), India (India/Asia), Mexico (LATAM) and soon US (North America).

To find out how Mobusi can help improve your ad service, or optimize your traffic to obtain the highest possible revenue, send us your information and an accounts representative will get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.