In honor of this week’s MWC 2016, Appsflyer, industry leaders in mobile measurement and attribution analytics, has published its performance index ranking the best media sources in mobile advertising.

The study, which analyzed app installs and retention between October 15th, 2015, and January 15th, 2016, took more than 2.5 billion installs into account and broke the data down by App type (Gaming vs Non-gaming), geolocation (continent), and platform (IOS vs Android).

As one of the biggest platforms in Europe, we expected to be in the mix, and the results didn’t disappoint.mobusi-among-best-media-sourcesIn the non-gaming, IOS segment for Latin America, we came in 3rd in indexed retention score, ahead of social media giant, Twitter, and just behind Google Adwords. This is huge news, placing us in a category alongside some of the most powerful and influential companies in the sector. We also placed 7th in the Top 14 Power Ranking in LATAM, a figure that ranks networks based on their retention score and the total number of installs generated.mobusi-among-best-media-sourcesThe report lists us 11 spots higher in power ranking and 3 in retention than in the previous study, a Q3 2015 analysis of non-gaming apps on the IOS platform. We have been working hard to improve the quality of our traffic and eliminate fraudulent downloads and purchases. Advertiser Defender, our fraud-blocking tool, has played a huge role in our optimization strategy, and probably contributed to that big jump in retention over the last 8 months.mobusi-among-best-media-sourcesLooking ahead, Mobusi plans to build on last year’s success, extending the reach of our platform and partnering with publishers and webmasters that provide quality traffic for our advertisers. We can’t wait to see what the next Appsflyer Performance Index has to say about our work!

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