As mobile advertising continues to flourish in Asia, we also see our strengths growing in the market.

Expenditure in the Asian market continues to increase, and the continent drives global smartphone ownership with it expected to sore above 90% this year.  China, in turn, experiences the highest number of smartphone users, currently reaching 1.3 billion.  According to analysis which examines the combined mobile, mobile VR and VR markets, Asia represents the largest mobile games market in the world, producing $24.8 billion in revenue in 2016.  With these figures in mind, it would make sense that we would make a bigger imprint in the Asian market.

It is encouraging to see we are heading in the right direction as our presence strengthens in Asia.  A year on after our Korea, China and Japan Country Manager, Danny Han,  began to make inroads in the Asian market, we look at how far we’ve come not only just in Korea but in the Asian market as a whole.  Not only have we conquered Korea but we’ve also expanded into the Chinese and Japanese markets.  Danny has now been at mobusi for two years and is confident about how far we’ll go in the market.

Mobusi Asia Team

So how have we managed this?

Thanks to our fully operating team in Asia along with our local partners.  We now have native Account Managers covering the needs of our clients in Korea, China and Japan, which makes life easier for the team.  According to Danny, “It allows us to further and increase our success in these regions as our staff, being natives, have the localisation, language and communication skills necessary to connect with clients.  As well as this, our team is equipped and highly-knowledgable: they know the market inside-out.”  Our Asian team is particularly special because they start out with no knowledge on the mobile advertising market and learn everything from mobusi.  Danny states, “I impart all my wisdom on to them to ensure they can be the best Account Managers possible! Our team starts out as Interns and eventually go on to leading key client accounts, learning tips and tricks of the trade from myself as well as learning key information and skills from the other teams at mobusi.”

Our Asian team is located at our HQ in Madrid.  Something which is extremely beneficial to our team.  Although it could be seen as surprising, being based in our HQ poses many advantages.  Danny tells us “Collaboration and communication is stronger with the other teams and departments being based in Madrid, it makes it easier for us to optimize campaigns.  Then, we are also covered in Asia too.  If any problems arise with our clients in Asia, they are easily sorted out thanks to the help of our partners in the region.”

What makes our Asian team stand out is our results-orientated mantra as well as these all-important partnerships mentioned earlier.  It works out well because we combine our campaign skills with their sales skills to achieve the best results possible.  The team’s aim is to act as the middle-man between both sides.

Our Country Head, Danny, finds himself making trips to Asia frequently, to keep in touch with partners and keep relationships fresh. His next visit is in just a few weeks as he attends G-STAR 2017 Korea. So why not get in touch with him while he’s in town!