Alberto Cenalmor is the CEO of Mobusi, a performance based mobile advertising network based in Madrid and operating in Latin America and other international markets.  We caught up with him to discuss the mobile advertising market, app advertising business models and the the future of mobile media buying.  


What services does Mobusi offer and how are you positioned in the market? 

Mobusi is a performance marketing agency/network. For advertisers we allow them to reach their goals on a performance basis (be it CPI, CPA or similar) and for publishers we are able to monetize 100% of their worldwide traffic at great eCPMs thanks to our huge amount of offers and our optimization capabilities.

What areas are driving the biggest growth in your business right now?   

While gaming is still a big portion of the CPI business we are seeing high growth on apps for brands that want to get users to install them. This can go from e-commerce based apps to purely informational ones. We see as well some brands developing advergames that need promotion in their GEOs. Another high growth part of our company is our recently launched affiliation platform that is generating one of the highest eCPM’s in the mobile market for our affiliates. We offer real time stats and great service on top of our great prices.

You offer a fully managed service for advertisers to help them with mobile media buying across a number of different channels.  What types of clients is this most useful for? 

As the complexity of the campaign increases so does having a good team that can understand the advertiser’s needs. Our campaign management team is fully trained to understand the specific needs of advertisers. The need of a mobile subscription client is far from that of a game publisher and thus the account management team has to be able to guide the client in the correct direction. Since we integrate multiple traffic sources we have to rely on experience and good optimization tools in order to correctly advise our clients.

What role is programmatic and real time bidding playing in your advertising strategy?  

Programmatic has increased dramatically in the last few months for us. We have spent a good amount of resources in the creation of our own RTB bidder and this allows us to not depend on external DSPs to succeed in the RTB/programmatic landscape. Our bidder is created to meet our specific needs and that is a huge advantage.

How do you see business models evolving – is CPI becoming dominant or do you see a role for new models that incorporate elements such as LTV or revenue share?  

The advantage CPI gives us, as opposed to LTV or Rev Share, is a much faster capability to optimize the campaign. When we work Rev Share or LTV we have to be more conservative, especially at the beginning, since we can’t be 100% sure what return the campaign actually has till time advances. Since, in many cases, a fast and large launch is needed, a CPI campaign is usually better for us. The advertiser can always be conservative with the CPI if so they need. 

You recently opened an office in Mexico – what was the reasoning behind that and what other Latin American markets are you focusing on? 

It’s no secret that several Latin American markets are growing at a very high pace. Not only México but also Brasil, Argentina and Colombia offer good opportunities. An office in Mexico DF will allow us to have better support to our many clients and partners in the region.

What are the biggest trends you see in the mobile advertising market at the moment?  

We believe that programmatic will continue its growth at least during the next couple of years. Another trend we see taking first row is Native ads.

What mobile devices do you use? 

I’m comfortable with iOS devices. For me, iPhone and iPad have become work and entertainment tools that I use every day. Being in a mobile business you get in contact with great and different platforms but for now I’ll stick to my Apple devices.

What’s your favorite apps and games?  

Linkedin is the one I use the most right now though Mailbox is the one that saved me from my daily email hell. Those two are easy taking up 80% of my time and battery! On the entertaiment side I’d say Netflix, Spotify and the game HearthStone which I think it’s a incredible, well done, freemium game.

What other companies in the mobile market do you respect?  

We’ve learn to respect everyone. Almost all the big players started little and you never know who will be the next one jumping really high. The mobile landscape is changing fast and that will help humble companies to stand out.