Mobusi COO, Alvaro Pastor on the Secrets of Mobile Advertising Success



Mobusi is a mobile performance advertising agency. Alvaro Pastor, the COO of Mobusi, has been working in the internet sector since the year 2000. At first he worked for companies in the banking sector, including some of the leading financial institutions in Spain. Later he became an independent consultant for SMB’s, until he joined Impressions Web, where he worked in internet advertising – a sector that has always fascinated him. Alvaro gives us the secrets of success for Mobusi and their goals for 2015.



Saying 2014 was a good year for Mobusi would be a great understatement. The year started with 20 employees and now we are edging 80 (we will be over that number these first days of January). This huge growth in employees almost matches our revenue that has increased fourfold when you compare December with January. Our year ended very close to the 25 million euros in revenue. For 2015 we expect to at least double our numbers. But how do you do that?

Partners first

When you are in the media business you do not have clients and providers as in most common businesses. You have partners. Partners whose offers you promote and partners whose media you buy. And the business can only thrive if both are happy. For this reason we are always reachable through a whole bunch of different communication methods. And for this reason we opened our office in Mexico DF, to better serve our partners in the Americas with a team that is not having fun in the Madrid night live sleeping when they are still in the office.

Caffeine :)

In many different forms. We drink 300 cans of Coke, 600 cans of Coke zero, 120 cans of Nestea and around 1.000 coffees. For some reason non-caffeinated coffee seems to not be very popular in our office. Our kitchen is fully stocked with all this items, snacks, sliced bread, cold cuts and fruit. A good place to get that extra boost of energy and talk with people from other departments about what’s working for them.

Get out of the office!

We know it’s hard. You have 200 unread emails, many ideas to develop, an excel file that needs to be finished… but your partners need to see you and interact with you. That way you can talk about business… or anything else. Our team travelled 257.617 km last year. The moon is 384.400 km away. We are shooting for the moon in 2015! At the moment, and just in the three first months of the year we will be in Las Vegas, Barcelona, London, San Francisco, Sitges, Amsterdam, Phoenix,… And take this piece of advice: if you like one trade show very much and it was profitable step it up and exhibit, it will allow you to put many more meetings into your schedule.


It’s almost an obsession. Striving so that today’s are higher than yesterday’s but lower than tomorrow’s. Our caffeinated team is fighting every conversion each day. This approach has led us to go from having 1,100 million clicks in 2013 to over 7,000 million and from 10 million conversions to over 30 million. That big green number looks bigger every day.

Exploring new lands

In addition to the “mandatory” conferences of the industry, we have also chosen this year to explore new lands where we learned to say phrases like “你们 有 移动 流量 吗?” Or words such as “Интерстишиалз”. But despite the kilometers we did, we have a thorn: we have never travelled below the Equator line. So if you live somewhere below the Equator, you might be exposed to Mobusi’s visit coming soon.