At mobusi, we pride ourselves on our in-house tech and design teams. They allow us to create original, unique solutions to problems and obstacles our clients face – obstacles to growth and improvement. We want to help them overcome these challenges and that’s why we created our own in house SDK that we can tailor and adapt to the needs of individual clients.

The mobusi SDK was made with developers in mind – people that want to focus on making a quality product that they know will monetize. We encourage them to leave the monetization to us, and that they worry about providing the best quality apps possible. The integration process is smooth and quick. In under 5 minutes and with less than 10 lines of code we can have you up and running on our system, ready to serve your offers to ideal traffic.

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Thanks to our tech team, we have also developed several other tools to complement and improve our service to clients. One of our recent developments was a PostEvents tool, created to help in the monitoring and optimization of client campaigns throughout the complete campaign cycle. What this does is it allows us to take a much deeper look into user habits and actions POST install or download, as opposed to just the initial action. Thanks to the technology we can better analyze and classify traffic sources, meaning that we can improve optimization of current AND future campaigns, guaranteeing that we are sending the very best traffic for the offer in question.

This technology is especially useful for content/gaming apps, and for sales apps. Each of these broad classifications provide different interesting data to examine. For example, relevant data from content/gaming apps include number of app downloads, number of active users, number of content views/views by section. These are great base measurements of how traffic is performing, but they can be broken down further to gain even better insight: content shares, push notifications opened, sales-ready leads produced through the app – the possibilities are only limited by the capabilities of the app itself, any action taken by a user within the app environment can be measured and compared against the rest.

If you are interested in getting closer to your ideal target audience, contact us and we’ll be happy to explain how we can help improve your app monetization and grow your business.