As you may be aware, mobusi is a word-wide company, with presence not only in Madrid but also in LA, Singapore, India and Mexico. Our Mexican team is going from strength to strength and this week, we have caught up with them to find out a bit more about their office life and their plans for growth and expansion.  We are keen to build upon our global developments and make improvements on our already successful numbers.

After welcoming our General Manager LATAM to Madrid last week, we have re-joined our Mexican counterparts across the globe to see what they have in store and how they see the company developing.

After Rafa telling us about their plans for expansion, the team have got the ball rolling, moving to bigger and better offices as they plan to bolster their troupe.

As the Latin American market is currently rocketing, we believe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to strengthen our presence out there.  The Latin American market has the potential to position itself amongst the world leaders in terms of mobile advertising.  Mexico is growing at an immense rate and has been experiencing a boom in terms of app downloads since 2014.  As well as this, it stands out as one of the top countries in the region, with Guadalajara being known as the Silicon Valley of Latin America.  Our Mexican office is a really strong asset to us and we are confident we will see them flourish as they improve their operations.

They are currently a team of 14  however, they aim to increase this by the end of this year as well as building further in 2017. According to boss Rafa, the New Business area will be expanded upon, which will include more staff and more team leaders.

Our Mexican team including General Manager LATAM, Rafael Valverde and our VP of Client Services, Macarena Cenalmor.

Not only is our Mexican team growing in terms of numbers, but they are also forming many of their own campaigns and ideas, in order to get the mobusi name heard.

For example, the team have introduced the “mobusi Challenge” in which they set objectives –for their good of their health – which last for three weeks in order to see if they notice an improvement or difference. For example, one of their most recent challenges has been focused on improving their welfare. This has included taking a break (something we could all get on board with!) every few hours to stretch their legs and bringing in healthy food to the workplace, basically with an aim to improving their wellbeing but also their capacity to work better. When the three weeks was up, the team noticed a significant difference, feeling better and also increasing productivity in the workplace…maybe we should all take a leaf out of their book.

Our VP of client services, Macarena Cenalmor, has just returned from visiting the Mexican office, full of praise for our Mexican counterparts and bundles of enthusiasm for what lies ahead as mobusi keeps growing.

We are super excited to see what our teams across the globe have lined up in taking our company to the next level.  If you are interested in growing traffic in LATAM, get in contact with or