Mobile ad platform and service provider Mobusi has signed a deal with RiskIQ, a solution that protects against fraud and malvertising in digital ads. The deal covers Mobusi’s network and client activity for the next two years. With the huge growth in “Malvertising” in particular on the Android platform networks and agencies like Mobusi are increasingly seeking to take a proactive approach to ensure that mobile ads run cleanly and safely.


Alberto Cenalmor, CEO of Mobusi, said: “In  Mobusi   we have always fought against malvertising, We believe that with RiskIQ we are in good hands. We will continue to offer an advertising service with all the guarantees of security. With more than $2m paid to publishers in August  Mobusi  is one of the biggest networks in mobile right now and the company feels the obligation to protect its business and the publishers that makes it big.”