A self-service platform allows advertisers to take complete control over their advertising campaigns.  Thousands are already using our service to drive traffic, create leads and increase sales! Why not check out the benefits of mobusi’s own Self-Service Platform and see how you could start getting the most out of your campaigns?

What does a self-service platform provide?


Having no control over advertising campaigns can be extremely frustrating.   With a self-service platform, gone are the days of waiting around for feedback or information regarding campaigns. Our platform provides a whole range of optimisation options, as well as conversion and impression pixels, which allow our clients to track their campaign process down to a T and adjust settings according to their needs.  Clients can separate traffic domains into White and Black lists and decide where they want their ads to appear.


Specify who you want to target, where in the world and on which device. With our platform, you can pinpoint based on Location, Device, Operating System, Browser and Network Connectivity.  We allow both 3G and WIFI options, enabling you to use IPs.

Cut Costs

Thanks to advanced targeting settings, the ideal users can be impacted upon. That way, they’re more likely to convert meaning it’s quids in for you!  What more could you want?

Constant Access

Our platform is available 24/7 – you can access it whenever you want, however you want.

Our platform gives you access to top worldwide traffic as well as being available on both Mobile and Web.  So, if you’re sick of staying behind the pack, start using our Self-Service Platform, where you’ll be able to purchase traffic on a CPC and a CPM basis.  You manage prices, you decide where to advertise.

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