Once again, it’s summer! We love summer! 

Oh, we know, there’s not summer without summer trips! 

Wait a second, do you think we will be out of the office?  Not really!  Part of our team will be travelling to make some new friends and do business! This summer we’ll have a lot of events all around the world, Let’s start!


In June, we’ll be attending Performance Marketing Insights, in Berlin. We’ll have 2 days to enjoy the event.

In July, we will be in Singapore attending Ad:tech! This is an awesome city! We are going to stay 2 days there and directly, for the first time we’ll go to India. We’ll be attending VAS 2015 in New Delhi. Continuing in Asia we’ll be once again at Chinajoy in Shanghai. We love games and it’s a mandatory stop in our great journey!

After that, it’ll be a good idea to see the Sea. But we won’t be at the beach. We’ll be crossing it by plane to travel to the U.S.! We’ll arrive in Seattle to attend TUNE Postback, an amazing event where  we  hope to do some great business. At the same time, part of our team will be in San Francisco visiting partners. But the great finale of our U.S. trip will be Affiliate Summit East!! Our incredible U.S. partners will be there, in New York.

Then it’ll be time to come back home, because Europe is our home and we can not imagine a better ending for this trip than DMEXCO in Cologne, the leading congress of global digital Economy. It’ll be amazing!

And that’s all folks, finally, we’ll be in Spain.  And we’ll need some days to go to the beach: relax, some warm days to finalize summ… Oh wait! It’ll be autumn by then.