It’s the internship programme you’ve been waiting for: mobusi Talent Hunt!

Whether you’re currently finishing up your degree, already finished and currently studying your masters or whether you simply just fancy throwing yourself into the world of digital marketing, mobusi Talent Hunt is for you.


mobusi mobile advertising.
Yep, that’s us.  We’re a group of companies dedicated to the mobile market.  We focus mostly on performance, branding, SMS messaging and mobile content.  We work throughout the world and there are nearly 200 of us.  Our HQ is situated in Madrid but we also have offices in the Canary Islands, Mexico City, LA, Singapore as well as a team in India.

Sounds interesting but how does it work exactly?

At mobusi, we believe that one of the keys to success in the workplace is creating a motivating environment which allows you to grow and develop.  That’s why we offer a programme for interns (and no, you won’t be required to make anyone any coffee!)  for all those ready to accept the challenge.

We’re offering a paid, part-time internship consisting of 5 hours a day.  Why only 5 hours a day you ask?  Because you’re still learning, you’re still studying and we want to make life just that bit easier for you, enabling you to combine work and studies and get used to working life.
We also provide internship agreements for whichever type of institute you’re enrolled in, whether it be public or private as well as covering both classroom and online courses.

Ok, I like what you’re telling me.  But, what is a typical “mobusintern”?

A mobusintern is committed, enthusiastic, creative and proactive.
Yep, all of the above!  They are used to working in a team and can deal with pressure.  Our young and multi-disciplined team will help you blend easily into our welcoming workplace.
A mobusintern also speaks different languages.  Yes, plural.  English is obviously a must but, the more, the better!

 But when the internship ends, will I be able to stay on at mobusi?

It’s all down to you.  You are the person who defines your path within mobusi.  We want you to be independent and responsible.  If you truly give us everything you’ve got, we will certainly have something up our sleeve for you!

And how do I know which area’s right for me?  

You tell us which areas would interest you and we do the rest. We’ll check out your CV, check out your interests and we’ll assign you to one of our departments depending on your profile and what you want.  There are positions available in all of our departments, some of which are: Account Management, Affiliates, Publishers, Media Buying, Analysis, Finance, IT, Design and many more.

Got it. I know I’m definitely the right person for you.  But, how do I get involved in the process?

First, you’ve got to be interested in the programme – that was difficult, right?
Then, you’ll need to send us your CV in English or Spanish to the following e-mail address, telling us in which areas you see could yourself developing or which departments would interest you.


So don’t think twice about it! You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

Keep your eyes peeled to our social networks to get more information as we reveal more details about our programme!

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