The future’s bright, the future’s native. And we’re delighted to announce the arrival of one of the hottest ad formats on our DSP!  That’s right, with us, you can now target with Native Ads.

We always strive to make the best, innovative formats for our clients and with this new addition to our in-house developed DSP,  users are now able to go that one step further and choose which ad formats best suit their campaigns. DSPs are an unbelievable way of advertising.  Just check out one of our previous blog posts to find out the benefits.   They allow access to multiple ad exchanges at the same time, top-class targeting settings as well as the possibility of bidding in real time.  This coupled with the implementation of Native Ads means that campaigns can be super-optimised, targeted with absolute precision, and will include content that the user is more likely to click upon.

So Why Native Ads?

Native Ads are probably one of the most important formats available and their use is predicted to only soar. What makes them so popular is the way they appear on-screen: they suit original web or app content and allow both publishers and advertisers to offer an immersive yet user-friendly ad experience. It is a non-intrusive way of advertising that is extremely effective at catching consumers’ attention and is highly sought out by advertisers.

Programmatic native is also rather adaptable to the user experience.  The exchange automatically selects the image and text based on where the impression will be served to find the best fit for both the publisher and the viewer.  As well as this, the ads can be targeted down to a T.

US Native Digital Display Ad Spending

According to emarketeer, Native mobile will represent 64.5% of all US mobile display ad spend this year with it being widely expected among audiences.  What’s more, spending is only predicted to increase: $16.21 billion dollars were spent on Native Ads in 2016 and this is expected to rise to $28.24 billion dollars by 2018.  They result in an 18% increase in purchase intent and help to lift brand awareness by 82%.  As well as this, using native formats allows access to premium publishers and also leads to an impressive Click-Through-Rate (CTR) in campaigns.

So with all this information, are you still debating whether or not to go Native?  Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us if you want to start rocking your campaigns!