An increasing number of  global adnetworks are slowly but surely breaking into the Asian market and one of the main reasons behind this is the potential power that Korea holds. It is seen as a test market for many companies, somewhere they are able to launch their services and products, enabling them to jump into many of the other Asian markets and grow their brand.  Not only this, Korea itself is looking to expand as an international power.  Despite mobile advertising being smaller in Korea than in China or Japan, users are extremely active and infiltration into the mobile market is very high. As well as this, Korean gaming companies are growing at an increasing rate, exploding into Asia and other countries worldwide.  The Korean market can only go from strength to strength.

We at mobusi are also looking to build upon our current global success by further expanding into the Asian market.  Last year we hired Danny Han as our Country Manager for Korea and without a doubt, his arrival has already made a huge difference.  In the 12 months that he has been with us, performance has increased dramatically in Korea – from the 250 countries that we operate in, it has gone from being ranked 30th place to being one of the top 5 in mobusi’s market in terms of traffic, revenue and profit.



With offices in Madrid, Singapore, India, Mexico and now LA, not to mention the 80 million euros of revenue and 480 billion clicks generated each year, it’s no wonder many Korean companies and potential partners have become extremely interested in mobusi.  This summer we have seen many businesses as well as EMBA students from Seoul National University visiting our Headquarters in Madrid to meet Danny.

Korean university students visiting mobusi

Danny believes that the key to thriving in Korea is to work with Korean partners and grow together with them, creating benefits for both parties.  He himself has said:

Despite not having access to advertisers in Korea, mobusi can create partnerships with Korean companies, not only allowing us to expand within the Asian market, but also enabling these companies to launch themselves internationally, given the global reputation we have.  Once I manage to build up strong links with these potential partners, we will be able to work together to do business and create an alliance that will have a lasting benefit for both of us.  There is definitely a niche in the Korean mobile advertising market.

Mobusi are extremely excited about what lies ahead in Asia and believe our expansion here is only just beginning.