You’ve got your product, you’ve set up your web page or developed an app.  So what’s next? How do you create a buzz and get your name out there?

First thing’s first, you can’t set up an Ad campaign without a game plan in mind.

Think out what you want to achieve with your plan.   Do you want to increase sales?  Signups?  App Installs?  Engagement?  Plan this thoroughly as your campaign and the techniques used will be based on the outcome you wish to achieve.

Once you’ve got your objective thought out, you have to think about targeting.  Who, When, Where, How.

Who: Which audience do you want to target? Have you got a specific profile in mind?  Think about the characteristics of the users you want to impact, their age, likes and dislikes.

When: Time your campaign to perfection, setting up in the timezone of the desired user. Impact users at the right moment so they are more likely to convert.

Where: Where do you want to target? A specific country? Specific coordinates? High precision targeting settings allow you to do this.

How: How do you want to target? On which device and which format? These strategies all must be thought about beforehand.


Once you’ve thought through your targeting options, you must think about the way in which you want to portray your ad and on which format.  There are a number of options available but here are the basics:

Ad Formats

Banner: Banners are extremely easy to create and drive awareness to your brand.  They can be created in various sizes.

Interstitials: They provide broad exposure and tend to lead to higher impressions given the way they take up the whole screen.

Video: The format of 2017 and the future, it’s extremely attractive and not only drives traffic towards the web but also leads to qualified app installs

Playable Ads: One of the newest innovative formats available.  It is interactive and drives qualified users to the app since they’ve already tried it out before downloading.

Once the campaign has been set up, the next step is measuring and analysing.  This process gives us a better insight in how to plan for the future.   Look at the attribution process and track every step your users make until they convert. You can build a clear customer journey and get a better understanding of it.  If you track in-app events and purchases,  you can acquire high-value users, increase retention rates and make your app go viral.

Then all you have to do is build upon this for the next campaign et voilá! There you have it! Not so difficult, is it?  If you find yourself in this position of needing to promote your product or App, why not get in touch with us and let the mobusi experts take care of it.