2016 is drawing to a close and what a year it’s been for mobusi. We’ve had an amazingly fruitful year and would like to share with you (in case you missed it!), some of our top highlights.

What have we achieved this year?

Back in February, we launched Advertiser Defender, our product aimed at fighting fraud and protecting against bots, VPNs, fraudsters and many more. It’s so far been extremely useful and ten months on, we are more than reaping the benefit. Of course, the Advertiser Defender is just one of products we have produced this year; we’ve been using our own DSP, positioning ourselves in an amazing position in the market, strengthening our RTB processes and allowing us to partner up with some the biggest Ad Exchanges out there. As the process of programmatic advertising is set to grow even bigger in 2017, we´re expecting bigger and better things as our programmatic system grows.

Besides programmatic advertising set to grow, video advertising is in top of mind. Back in June, we acquired Sun Media, situating us at the forefront of this sector, making us the top mobile and video advertising company in Spain. This, along with the implementation of our video campaigns – we’ve been dealing with 50 billion video requests a month, partnered up with over 200 clients, covering a worldwide audience – has seen our campaigns rocket, smashing the goals of our advertisers.

This year also saw us open our LA office after our success rate across Europe, Mexico and Asia. Our office out there has put us in pole position, enabling us to compete with top game players and further grow the mobusi brand, along with our current presence in Spain, Mexico and India.

We’ve hit up over 40 of the best mobile, games, affiliate, performance  and web events, making ground in five continents around the world.

We’ve built up our work-force immensely, counting with almost 200 of the best, hard-working and conscientious individuals joining part of the mobusi team. Without them, none of our success would have been possible and we can’t thank them enough for their efforts

2017 and beyond…

So, here’s to the future! We cannot wait for 2017, with a whole number of surprises in store and we intend on keeping mobusi at the forefront of digital advertising. Again, we’ll be hitting up the best events worldwide and introducing our amazing new products, ensuring that we not only compete with the rest, but smash them out of the way.

2017 is our year and we’re ready for the challenge, so a Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for your continued support in helping to keep mobusi growing!