SunMedia, the video and branding division of the mobusi group, are storming ahead and progressing at an extremely impressive rate.

In just one year, Sun Media has catapulted to unbelievable heights, recently celebrating Comscore’s result of becoming the 2nd biggest leader in pre-roll video in Spain, coming in just behind Google.  The company now has an average of 8.7 million users in Spain, a figure which has seen an increase of 52% in one year.

On the back of this, SunMedia is also benefiting from the addition of its two new employees , Javier González and Isela Abarca, to the team, as well as the official opening of SunMedia in Latin America.

Isela will be leading all Sun Media operations in LATAM & Mexico, through her role as General Director LATAM and Mexico.  Although based in Mexico, she will take on the exciting task of launching SunMedia’s services to the whole of LATAM.  She has an extremely impressive background, one in which she became a pioneer in the programmatic, video, digital and data world.  The Mexican wonder woman comes to SunMedia with strong and ambitious visions for the company and  is quietly confident about what SunMedia’s got to offer.  She herself has stated that “Latin America, especially Mexico, is growing rapidly. The current market is demonstrating a need for innovation and improved technology which can offer brands grand scale distribution without having to sacrifice important metrics like VTR or viewability.  That’s what makes us stand out – SunMedia offers the best of both worlds: Guaranteed Visibility, on a grand scale, and a VTR of more than 65%.”

Isela is a woman armed with a plan, an extremely ambitious one that aims at growth.  Video is undoubtedly one of the most important formats in the digital advertising world and she is certain that it will take off in LATAM.

As well as the appointment of Isela, Javier González has joined the SunMedia team in Madrid as General Director Spain.  He will be looking to further improve SunMedia operations and will see himself focus on  brand promotion, sales, improving publisher networks and general management tasks.  SunMedia CEO, Fernando Garcia, has stated that the addition of Javier is “vital for us given his extensive experience in the television world.  The convergence of both TV and video advertising is becoming increasingly more important and we are definitely ready for the challenge with Javier on board.”   Previous to  SunMedia, Javier worked for Radio Television Española as well as operating as Sales Director for Spanish local television channel Telemadrid.

We at mobusi are highly excited about the addition of our new employees and are looking forward to the success they will bring to the team.