Our Video and Branding Division, SunMedia, has become the biggest video company in Spain with 9.9 million single users according to comScore’s May data.


ComScore’s Video Metrix data has shown that SunMedia is now the biggest video network in Spain in terms of audience reach witnessing the company impact 9.9 million single users.

According to comScore, in the Video Ad Ecosystem category, there are more than 22 million video users in Spain on desktop (SunMedia currently impact nearly 10 million of these users) who view, on average, 43 videos a month, spending 410 minutes a month watching them.  The company’s amazing achievement is on the back of their earlier success in January, where they took second place in terms of video pre-roll in Spain!

How have Sun Media achieved it?

SunMedia is recognised for their innovative and captivating advertising techniques, including their renowned Always Visible Ads (AVA) format which allows them to reach and smash viewability metrics, on most occasions reaching 70%.

As well as this, they have their own creative studio which allows them to create personalised interactive spots and exclusive animations so that they are able to design more impacting and attractive campaigns, which ultimately lead to improved awareness and engagement.  They work with leading sites in each sector, some of them including Autobild, Weblogs, Sensacine, Minube, El Confidencial, which allows them a great deal of flexibility, being able to hit different audiences across the board.

Their innovation, creativity and the many platforms they work have meant they more than deserve their first place on comScore, highly impacting their near 10 million users. SunMedia CEO, Fernando Garcia states:

We’ve been able to situate ourselves as the biggest video and branding company in Spain in less than a year in a half, something which is an honour for us and motivates us to keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them to ensure we keep on growing and evolving.

So congrats to all the team involved! Visit Sun Media to check out our cutting-edge formats bound to shake up your advertising campaigns and get your name out there.