Unless you live under a rock, or in the far reaches of the Antarctic, you’ve probably noticed that mobile technology is EVERYWHERE. The increase in smartphone penetration (in addition to tablets, mobile consoles, etc) means that more and more people are connected at all times, opening up an ideal channel for marketers to maintain a lively interactive conversation directly with their target consumer. The phenomenon of mobile is so great, in fact, that it is starting to invade and take over more traditional media outlets. This was never clearer than the past weekend during Super Bowl 50.


Live streaming sports events is nothing new, but this year the free live stream of the big game provided by CBS included a little something extra: ads. All of the ads that the traditional TV viewers saw were also transmitted to people watching on their mobile devices. Ad time for the game was actually sold in packages including TV and mobile streaming options. This was a big-time opportunity for mobile marketers to get their two cents in, and they didn’t let it pass. One of the giants in the app development industry, Machine Zone, returned to the big stage with a TV ad for their game Mobile Strike, featuring a very big name celebrity; Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Another interesting mobile/traditional integrated campaign was the one No More (an advocacy group committed to ending domestic violence) launched during the 3rd quarter of the game. It’s powerful message was accompanied by a call to action by viewers to send an SMS message in order to receive more information on this serious topic.

Even advertisers that didn’t feel the need (or have the coin) to spring for an exorbitantly expensive TV/Streaming ad, were able to take advantage of several other mobile exclusive channels. Snapchat showed its potential as a marketing tool, with several brands kicking off serious campaigns using the app’s live story feature. Others, such as Taco Bell, and Pepsi, allowed celebrity guests to take over their own channels to promote new products and events.

If you haven’t considered adding mobile advertising to your brand’s communication strategy, it’s time to get in the game! There’s never been a better time to boost your sales by taking advantage of all the opportunities mobile advertising can provide. Contact Mobusi to find out how we can help increase sales and brand awareness through our various services, we’ll be happy to hear from you!