Behind every successful company is a wonderful team and at mobusi, we know we wouldn’t be experiencing our amazing success if it wasn’t for all our awesome staff! We have an incredible team spirit in our office and work extremely well together.  However, with 140 members of staff at mobusi HQ, it can be hard that everyone gets together and knows one another.  So, we decided to organise our first out-the-office team building event! Events like these have actually been proven to improve  staff performance in the workplace as each member of the team are able to spot out one another’s strengths and weaknesses and help one another out.  Communication improves and team morale is lifted, making the office a happier and healthy place.

What’s made us do team-building this year?
We’re a company who have grown at an unstoppable rate over the past few years and have seen our staff numbers go up and up. We’ve been very successful of late, boosting even more campaigns and expanding ourselves in the sector.  We realise our greatest asset is our staff. They’re the real driving force behind our  company and something we must nourish and cherish.  As they say, there is no I in team and team spirit is something we really value.

So, after weeks of secrecy surrounding our day, we were told we were going on a day out of the office and instructed to wear “comfortable clothing” .  Alarms were raised.  What on earth were we getting into? After a morning in the office, we received an e-mail letting us know which team we would be in and who would be our team-mates.  We were separated into 12 teams of 11/12 people selected at random and all given a coloured scarf.  Still, we knew nothing about what lay ahead.


At 13:00, we headed off on our adventure and as soon as we arrived, we were treated to a never ending lunch so we were full of energy for the day that lay ahead.  Luckily enough, the Madrid sunshine stayed out and it was a b-e-a-utiful day.

Then after being filled to the brim, the fun really began! As there were a fair few of us, we all had different activities at different times and soon enough, all comradeship went out the window as we were competing against one another to WIN!
Some of the tasks we got involved in helped us to build on things like communication, trust, respect, planning, problem-solving, creativity and feel part of a workplace family. Some even saw us let go of our inhibitions.

Among the activities there were:

The (dreaded) Zip Line

Albeit an activity suited for “8-12” year olds, it was not one for the faint-hearted, not by any mile.  The Zip Line actually consisted of a circuit including a tight-rope, ladders, steps, swing-like death trap, that sort of thing.  Although slightly terrifying at first, it was a sheer thrill!

Prison Break
The icing on top of the cake.  And unfortunately, the last teams had to deal with the whole office being audience as they were the last to finish up.  It was an activity which lasted one hour where we had to “break out of prison”. But it was no easy feat.  We were prisoners and had to find clues and ways  to escape our prison.  Along the way, we had to dodge electric wires and lasers, navigate various traps.  At the end, to add further insult to injury, we had to escape via a make-shift boat and dodge the final obstacles, which some unfortunate poor souls were unable to do and ended up drenched.

The teams tried out their aiming (or maybe lack of) skills with a bow and arrow.  Some of whom, turned out to be much better than others.  It was the best out of three and points were recorded for the end when the Danko staff would reveal the winning team.

The worm

Each team had to climb onboard a giant worm and learn how to navigate it, as a team, which for many was an absolute failure, albeit hilarious to watch.



We had to work out how to join the pieces together to make certain shapes, as well as balancing objects on top of one another, one for the brainy folk in the group!


It was an intense day but extremely enjoyable, full of laughs and unforgettable moments.  A special congrats goes to the green team for being the winners!
Thank you to everyone who took part and those who organised our team-building event! If you want to check out the rest of our day, have a look at the album on Facebook!

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Until next time!