It is already known that MENA countries have a mobile market with booming potencial, and Iran is one of these countries that are taking off and presents interesting opportunities for growth.

One of the regions with the fastest mobile market growth in MENA Market is Iran, with a projection of growth of annual rates above +15% over the next few years. Also, MENA population is becoming very active smartphone users, as the population is gaining internet connectivity, reaching the highest rates in Bahrain, Qatar or UAE.

Iran AdTech Overview

The digital ad spend in Iran is estimated in $53 million , without including social media, as social media is not active due to financial sanctions imposed on Iran. Even though ad spend numbers might look like minor comparing with developed countries, there is a big potential in the Iranian market. Currently Iranian ad networks not only are being connected to other networks in the region but also Europe and North America.

Iran as a developing market anticipates a healthy economic expansion. In the advertising market, this translate into elevate content spending on media and advertising. The Iranian advertising market is evolving fast. As we can check, the spending on advertising in 2015 was $1,57 million with 2,15% digital advertising, while in 2020, digital advertising will account for more than 20%.

The Iranian Advertising market shows that in a year, mobile is the dominant one with more than 55%, thanks to 3G and 4G networks implementation and the 1900% growth of smartphones in the past three years.

In 2017, 474.5 billion impressions were generated by publishers through Iranian AdNetworks. It means the developing AdTech ecosystem is growing 30% YoY.


Apple’s iPhone Has a 17% Market Share in Iran’s Mobile Market

Android devices represent 87% of the market, while Apple devices represent only 17%. Due to the U.S. sanctions against Iran, Apple devices are not “officially” sold in Iran even though they are available in the country.

It means that the developers and advertisers are focused mainly in android devices, even though the iPhone sales are growing every year.

As Mohammad Mehdi (CEO of Pishgaman) said in the previous Tehran Game Convention, the Iranian developers main challenge is attract the audience. The need to see what the product is, what our goals are, and based on that, find the method to attract our audience. Mohammad also emphasized that “Our experience has shown the best place for advertising games is within other games. We have two options for publishing a game. One is to seek out publishers, and the other is to take the role of a publisher.”

Apart from the mobile market growth in MENA countries, there is another reason why mobusi is betting on have presence there, and it is because the app developer industry is growing so fast. We can see an example in the games industry, that has experimented a big growth, and they are looking for having opportunities to jump into the international market.

As we can see, this translates into having new opportunities for mobusi, since the Iranian developers demands different ways to advertise their products, that’s why we are currently betting on Iranian and MENA market.

Mobusi attend Tehran Game Convention

mobusi as mobile advertising market lead will attend Tehran Game Convention 2018.

The Tehran Game Conference is B2B event among the 33 countries in the Gamistan territory will be held on 5th and 6th of July 2018. TGC will gather key speakers, 100+ companies, international publishers and 2300+ game developers in a large B2B expo area where the attendance will be able to network and create opportunities for developers who are looking to find international publishers for their projects.

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