The Asian mobile market , once cracked, can become an amazing source of revenue for any company.  It makes sense, given the fact that China is the world’s second biggest economic power, closely followed by Japan at number three.  Asia represents the biggest mobile games market in the world: in China, there are already half a billion smartphones in the country; in Japan, there is huge potential for monetisation – the average revenue per download is around $6. Then, in Korea, smartphone use is close to 80% and the mobile market is estimated to be worth $2 billion, the 4th in the world.

Despite these figures, many companies struggle to break into the market given its challenges and differences – it’s a complex market in which each country requires a different understanding.  That’s where mobusi comes in – offering a gateway to Asia with our expertise in Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets.  Although we are a global company, we have local expertise, which helps us stand out from the rest.

Mobusi Asian Team

We’ve been working in Asia for almost three years, since our Country Manager for CN, KR and JP, Danny Han, started with us, and in this short time, our experience has widened as well as what we have learned about the markets.

Our tireless work and in-depth knowledge of the market means that not only can we offer Asian companies access to a global market, but so too, can we provide global companies with a pathway to the Asian market

How? Thanks to our service.  It’s something that makes us stand out from the rest.  Our specialised, localised team solve problems and work endlessly to make our clients happy – it is our key value.  And our efforts show: our Asia department is one of the best performing departments in the whole company.  It is a big portion of company revenue, and a growth engine at mobusi.

Danny Han, Country Manager for CN, KR and JP at Mobusi

Country Manager for CN, KR and JP, Danny Han says: “It’s all about understanding how the market works and moving forward.  We can offer them traffic and ad formats like everybody else but what makes us stand out is our impeccable service and our localised team.  Think Globally, act Locally. That’s how we do it.”

Although based in Madrid, the team frequently travels to Asia to keep in touch with partners and clients and this April is no exception as we’ll be visiting Japan for our second time and China.  While in Japan, we’ll be in Tokyo, to attend Next Marketing Summit on the 19th April.  Then a week after, it’s time for Beijing! We’ll be hitting up GMIC Beijing from the 26th-28th April.  While there, we’ll take advantage of the trip once again to visit our clients and partners.

If you still haven’t closed a meeting with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!