CPI (cost per install) is probably one of the newest and most important pricing tools used in performance advertising given the boom of smartphones and mobile devices of late.  It is estimated that by the end of 2016, there will be 2.082 billion smartphone users worldwide.  In the month of September 2016, 140 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store, showing how prominent and significant this market is.  Now in 2016, there is a need for more user engagement, in order to capture potential customers – a desire and necessity to go beyond the typical banners or advertisements to allure a user to a particular product.  One way of doing this is through video. Why? It help engage users more, especially a good-quality, relatively short video that seizes the users attention.


Video CPI consists of buying traffic in apps. Video campaigns are usually the best way of getting users of the highest quality.  Each time an app is installed from the video, the publisher receives money. Video campaigns are an exceptional way of monetizing apps, having proven to convert better than banners, with mobile video ads converting best of all.  Therefore, combining CPI as a pricing model and video as an advertising tool would be a match made in heaven, right?  So here are four ways video CPI is a must for your campaign:

1. More User Engagement.
You only have a few seconds to make an impact on the user.  What better way to do it than by attracting their attention with a video right in the middle of their app?  Why rely on the mainstream static interstitial pop up that reveals little of a particular game or product? Instead, give the user a taster of what could come if they were to download the app that is being advertised.  Last month, we made 43,899,790 video impressions alone and currently have 250 active campaigns with users coming from video making up 39% of activity within an app.  When users see an ad, they know what to expect if they download it and genuinely want the app for that reason.

2. Doing it well produces clear results.
Producing a well-crafted video can take a lot of work, but it’s worth it.  Video ad is the format which users demand the most from and as such, what they don’t want to see is a tacky video.  The videos we produce are of the highest quality and a lot of time is dedicated.  We start our video campaigns from scratch in our Design department.  It is an option we offer to our clients who require a video but have no resources to create their own, we do all the hard work for them.  Our design team can come up with a concept, give them the resources they need and so, the client can start their video plan from scratch with mobusi.

3. It’s easy to measure.
In mainstream advertising, it can be hard to attribute conversions to ad impressions.  If someone ends up buying your product or service  because of brand awareness built through ad impressions, it can be tricky to prove that attribution. Unlike other forms of advertising, app-install campaign ROI is easy to figure out since these conversions are easy to measure.  You’’ll be able to not only track downloads, but more importantly, measure active users. You can optimize campaigns over the long term, so that your ROI improves as you go.  Within our campaigns, we’re able to measure post events, the actions that it has within the app and what the user does within the app as well as being able to measure in real time.

4. User acquisition
In-app advertising gives marketers the opportunity to impact the right audience at the right time.  You can reach your desired user.  For example, we ensure that our traffic is contextualised and fits with the correct audience.  That is to say, if we are producing a video for a game within an app, we would never publish it in, for example,  a shopping or cookery app.  We are faithful in these aspects.  The same applies if we have produced a shopping video, we would not publish it in a games app either.  You are able to grab your perfect user’s attention at the right time and as such, they are more likely to click and convert.



So, why not give Video CPI a go and start reaping the benefits!