Today we’re delighted to announce that we have joined part of Fibonad, the world’s biggest digital advertising company!

With more than 15 years’ experience in the mobile industry, David García Fuentes becomes CEO of this new project.

With the foundations already set to see it become the biggest digital advertising company worldwide, today, Fibonad is launched and we are one of the five companies that are part ot it. The company is made up of almost 300 employees and aims to reach a turnover of almost €100 million this year. The Spanish company is based strongly on technology and has an expertise in mobile, offering services to a portfolio of more than 1000 clients simultaneously all over the world.

Fibonad offers both branding and performance solutions for clients, as well as disposing of its own network of publishers. The company has an extremely experienced team on board, with expertise in each of its business areas, more than capable of meeting the needs of advertisers and the media.

We make up just one of the companies part of Fibonad.   Founded in 2012 by Alberto Cenalmor, in just five years, we have become one of the biggest performance advertising companies in the world. We also join the likes of SunMedia, led by Fernando García, the biggest Video Advertising company in Spain with an audience of 9.9 million single users, according to stats released by ComScore in the month of May.  Other companies in the group are Lab Cave, Upplication and Instasent.

Taking charge of this ambitious Fibonad project is David García Fuentes, who has more than 15 years’ experience in digital mobile business, most recently working as CEO in the Marketing Solutions Unit at DOCOMO Digital (NTT DOCOMO group). David has taken up many global Executive Management positions in Marketing, Technology, Operations and Business Development in various companies within the digital world, forming part of the creation as well as the expansion of international business in some of the biggest companies in the mobile sector across the world, for example with Itouch Movilisto Group, Dada and Buongiorno.

García Fuentes, as CEO, will ensure that Fibonad is at the forefront of the expected advertising industry transformation in the coming years by investing in technology and new acquisitions with the aim to keep growing in their current business areas as well as exploring new areas of interest for Fibonad.

“For me, it’s an absolute pleasure to join part of a project like Fibonad, which has the ambition of becoming one of the biggest players in the digital advertising world”, explains David García Fuentes, CEO of the recently created group. “Ever-evolving in-house technology, an amazing team, leading companies and the possibility of capturing new talent…Fibonad has all the right ingredients to lead the advertising transformation in the next few years.”

Alberto Cenalmor, Mobusi Founder, will take up the role as Fibonad President. “It’s an honour that a project created only five years ago now forms part of a group like Fibonad”, states Cenalmor. “Digital Advertising doesn’t stop evolving, in particular, thanks to the mobile revolution and from Fibonad, we will take advantage of every new change and development by turning it into an opportunity for our clients.”

Another element to highlight about Fibonad is the investment in its own technology. The companies that form part of the group work constantly to create the best results possible in terms of online advertising, in such a way that not only do they strive to make ads visible for users but also the impact these ads have, using techniques of analysing big data, among many more.